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You Can Go To A 'Mean Girls' Afternoon Tea In London With Your Girl Friends

You Can Go To A 'Mean Girls' Afternoon Tea In London With Your Girl Friends

Duo London are hosting an afternoon tea themed on the iconic 2003 chick flick. So fetch.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We don't mean to alarm you but we've just discovered the absolute best brunch idea that is guaranteed to win you points with your mates, especially if they're Mean Girls fans (who isn't?) - an afternoon tea themed on the 2003 chick flick.

Yes, save that generic rooftop bar for another day, because this sounds incredible.

Duo London, based in Camden, are hosting a perfectly pink aftertoon tea based on the epic movie. It even comes complete with Burn Books.

Guests will have their pick of a host of Mean Girls-inspired sweet and savoury treats. And trust us, they look so good they'll have you thinking 'the limit does not exist'.

You can start with a choice of sandwiches including meat options such as smoked salmon, chicken mayo, egg and sweetcorn; vegetarian options including a red pepper courgettes, aubergines, and pesto crème fraîche filled one or a cucumber sandwiches; and a vegan option - red peppers, aubergine and pesto. Scrummy.

Duo London

Then guests can move on to sweet delights such as the Oh, Boi pink velvet cake slice, The Meanest Girl, a rich in moisture chocolate cake filled with caramel and strawberry buttercream, and the I Hate You, lightly baked bite-size mini doughnuts covered in white chocolate ganache. How good does that sound?

Honestly the only thing this spread is missing in candy canes.

The afternoon tea is on every Sunday (NOT Wednesday, so no need to wear pink) from 4pm-6pm, and will cost you £40 a head. You can book here.

"This fabulous afternoon tea consists of a birdcage of Instagrammable desserts with your favourite Mean Girls quotes and a selection of tasty sandwiches," reads the event page.

Duo London

"Featuring all sorts of fun inspired by everyone's favourite plastics. If you've had a pretty awful week, you'll be able to vent all your frustrations in a specially made Burn Book. Play over your Mean Girls-themed movie moments and devour all sorts of flowers and teddy bears to put a smile on your face!"

TBH this is the perfect birthday brunch idea for your biggest Mean Girl fan gal pal.

Featured Image Credit: Duo London

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