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A Yorkshire Pudding Festival Is Taking Place This Week and We Are Drooling

A Yorkshire Pudding Festival Is Taking Place This Week and We Are Drooling

Aunt Bessie's will be giving out free puds, too.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

There's nothing more glorious than the humble Yorkshire pudding. In fact, we refuse to eat a roast without one. It just wouldn't be right.

And now, a Yorkshire Pudding Festival is coming to the UK so you can show your love and appreciation to the mouthwatering English side dish.

Delicately crisp on top, with a soft and podgy inside, the Yorkshire pudding is delicious with an array of toppings - which is exactly what you'll get, if you decide to pop to the world's first Yorkshire Pudding Festival this weekend.

Ahead of National Yorkshire Pudding Day (2nd February) the event will be taking place at Kirkgate Market in Leeds City Centre on Saturday 1st February.

We like our Yorkshires with lashings of gravy (

There'll be a variety of different topped puds up for grabs, with sponsor, Aunt Bessie's, giving out *free* puddings for you to scoff.

Name a better way to spend your Saturday. We will wait.

While we're fans of pairing our puds with lashings of tasty gravy, there'll be all kinds of varieties at the festival from a selection of food vendors.

Nan's Van & Kitchen will be on hand, serving their fluffy Yorkshires out of their charming 1970s converted horse box.

Options include: Roast beef and horseradish; ham, peas and mint; turkey and cranberry; beef bolognese and cheese; coronation chicken; scrambled egg and bacon and chicken madras and coriander.

There's also a selection of veggie options, including brie and cranberry; cheddar and chutney; veggie bolognese; Tuscan bean salad and pea and mint.

The talented pud makers have also mastered gluten-free puddings, too.

And it doesn't stop there. The food vendor will also be offering sweet options, from clotted cream and jam to banana, chocolate and chocolate chips.

Strawberries with either Nutella or vegan chocolate also sound irresistible.

Meanwhile, Kang's Punjabi Box will be filling their Yorkies with authentic Indian cuisine and we can't wait to try a variety of options tbh.

Writing on Facebook ahead of this weekend's festival, the food distributor said: "Come on down to the Yorkshire Pudding Festival at Kirkgate Market, Leeds. We will be serving homemade punjabi curries in a Yorkshire pudding.

"There will be vegan, gluten free and veg options."

Entrance to the festival - which runs from 10am-4pm - is free and you can reserve your tickets via the website.

There'll also be a selection of other vendors as well as a bar and live entertainment for visitors to enjoy.

Anyone else craving a Yorkshire pudding RN?

Featured Image Credit: Aunt Bessie's

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