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A Willy Wonka Style Sweet Shop Is Opening In The UK

A Willy Wonka Style Sweet Shop Is Opening In The UK

Live out your real life candy land dreams at these fun sweet shops coming to the UK...

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

A new range of Willy Wonka shops are opening across the UK, offering sweet lovers across the country the chance to live out their chocolate factory dreams.

Following on from the hit 2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton, sugary fans can lap up the unusual sweet treats at the shops, which will be opening up in major UK cities such as London, Manchester, Birmingham and Edinburgh within the next five years.

2005 film Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (
Warner Bros)

Serving bubble waffles and chimney cakes, the shops will be run by sweet brand Hans & Gretel and their first London store has already opened in Camden Market.

Describing itself as "a fairy tale place for the child inside us all", the shops will serve up some exciting delicacies from across the world, including chimney cake from the Czech Republic, "where crispy sugary crunchiness meets fluffy dough sprinkled with cinnamon, vanilla and stardust."

The shop's UK offering is cotton candy with ice cream and pink bubbles, while sweet lovers can also treat themselves to Poffertjes, originally from Holland, a light and buttery sponge topped with ice cream and fruit.

Sweets line the wall of this real life candy land (

Also on the menu is Belgian bubble waffles, fruity jellies, lollipops and handmade gelato, described as "ice cream lighter than the clouds", inspired by Italian ice cream.

There'll also be candy apples from Canada and bear waffles from Japan for eager foodies too.

Sweets line the walls of this real life candy land while giant lollipops and marshmallows already hang from the ceiling at the London shop.

Linda Lim, co-founder of the UK branch of Hans & Gretel, said the shops offer a real-life candy land experience for adults and children alike.

She told PA: "You don't have to be a child to find that inner child in you."

"I take pride in the space we have managed to create, for it allows everyone to immerse in their childhood and put a smile on their face."

"The first priority since we decided to launch Hans & Gretel in the UK with our partners, was to create a flagship store in London that will form the base for further expansion across the UK," she added.

"The next steps are to launch our brand in high profile pop-up events and also expand to other central locations in London."

"Our vision is to expand the UK franchise in the next five years and turn Hans & Gretel into a respected brand," she said.

Hans & Gretel originated in Greece, before moving on to Cyprus, Istanbul and London. There are now plans to expand across the rest of the country, with a shop in every UK city.

Featured Image Credit: PA

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