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Vegtoberfest Arrives This Month And Vegans Can Eat 'Bratwurst' To Their Hearts' Content

Vegtoberfest Arrives This Month And Vegans Can Eat 'Bratwurst' To Their Hearts' Content

Vegan steins of beer and plant-based Bratwurst, this is the Oktoberfest of dreams for those following veganism.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

When you think of Oktoberfest, you think of steins of beer and a whole lot of Bratwurst sausage.

But, finally, vegans can join in the fun too, because Vegtoberfest - the first vegan version of the festival that launched last year - is on its way to Camden, London, this month.

Those who prefer a plant-powered lifestyle can still enjoy 'Bratwurst' but not as we know it: instead, it'll be offered up in a meat-free version and beer will be suitable for vegans too.

Vegtoberfest/Fest Camden

If you didn't know that some booze isn't suitable of vegans, well now you do.

Vegan Bavarian beers such as Spaten and Lowenbrau will sit alongside a handful of local craft ales - this is predominately a beer festival after all.

Don't stress if you're not into beer though, as there'll be wine and cocktails too.

Vegtoberfest/Fest Camden

The plant-based extravaganza is set to return to Camden's Fest venue in the Stables Market on 12th and 19th October, from six until 11pm.

It is a fabulous re-vamped version of the German festival, coupling traditions with a welcoming attitude to veganism.

The festival organisers have even called in the experts to ensure the menu offerings are drool-worthy.

Vegtoberfest/Fest Camden

Rudy's Dirty Vegan Diner will be offering up 100 per cent vegan Bavarian Wiesswurst and Bratwurst sausages, as well as their famous dirty burger finished off with 'baycon', fried onion, cheese, lettuce and pickles and German potato pancakes known as Kartoffelpuffer.

For dessert you'll find ice cream and pretzels too. Our mouths are watering.

Vegtoberfest/Fest Camden

It won't all be about the food and drink either (even though food is life), because there will be entertainment aplenty.

Fest Camden's main room will be transformed into a beer hall with a festival vibe, hosting live music acts including Old Dirty Brasstards and Brasstermind, while you'll also find cabaret acts, female drag and burlesque.

You certainly won't be bored at this event.

Vegtoberfest/Fest Camden

Event organisers said: "The ethos of Vegtoberfest is to modernise the Oktoberfest experience. Yes, a great party with loads of Bavarian beer is key to what we offer but Oompah bands and pork products are replaced with vegan food and drink and cutting edge performance arts."

You can get general release tickets for both dates here for £15. Hurry though, the early bird tickets are already sold out.

Featured Image Credit: Vegtoberfest/Fest Camden

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