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Two New Chocolates Are Joining The Cadbury Heroes Family

Two New Chocolates Are Joining The Cadbury Heroes Family

Just when we thought it couldn't get any better...

Emma Rosemurgey

Emma Rosemurgey

In the words of Bonnie Tyler, we need a hero... in fact, we need a whole box of them covered in little foil wrappers to satisfy those chocolate cravings.

In fact, we haven't been able to stop thinking of Cadbury Heroes ever since we learned there is two new additions to the chocolate gang.

Crunchie Bits and Dinky Deckers will be joining the Cadbury Heroes selection.

For those of you who shamefully can't immediately reel off the current line up, here's a little recap. A selection of Heroes is currently made up of Dairy Milk, Dairy Milk Caramel, Wispa, Twirl, Fudge, Eclair and Creme Egg Twisted.

It's a strong team, but what's missing?


Introducing Dinky Deckers and Crunchie Bits, the new additions to the Heroes family.

Any true chocolate fan will know a Dinky Decker is a miniature version of the Double Decker, while Crunchie Bits are tiny Crunchie bars.


We reckon these chocolate bad boys will go down a treat, considering how popular the original sized chocolate bars are - so who wouldn't love them in miniature form?

If you've been living under some sort of chocolate-free rock then fear not - a Double Decker has crispy cereal and soft nougat inside, while a Crunchie is filled with a brittle honeycomb centre...


The Cadbury Heroes box was launched 20 years ago as a rival to Mars' Celebration and they've involved hugely over the years. Miniature chocolates that have fallen by the wayside across the past two decades include the Dream, Flake, Picnic, Bournville, Whole Nut, Fruit & Nut and Timeout.

While we wait for Easter to arrive to binge on all the miniature sweet treats, we'll be heading to McDonald's to enjoy a Cadbury Crème Egg and Cadbury Caramel McFlurry as they've just made a joyous return to the menu.

It really doesn't get much better than this.

Featured Image Credit: Cadbury

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