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This is Actually The Correct Way To Open A Can

This is Actually The Correct Way To Open A Can

We've been doing it wrong.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

There's nothing better than a useful TikTok hack, especially when they help you solve some of life's everyday problems. TikTok user Alan Wood - who posts using the username @alanwood01 - has blessed our timelines with a simple hack showing us the correct way to open a can.

Watch the video below:

To open the can, Alan uses his finger to lift the tab gently. When the lid pops open slightly, he slides the tab around so the larger rounded end faces the outside of the can. Then he pulls back the lid effortlessly and voila - mission complete.

The video has received more than 287k likes and and 1,340 comments since it was uploaded three days ago. Many comments left under the video were from people who were left in complete and utter shock after realising they had been opening their tinned food in more complicated ways.

One person said: "Sometimes this app makes me question if I'm breathing properly."

A second viewer responded: "Na I ain't risking breaking the tin opener by twisting it around."

We've been opening cans wrong all this time (

Some viewers were confused that there was a different way to the one shown in the video, with some suggesting there may be a cultural difference in how people open cans.

"I'm Australian and I open it that way," one person wrote.

"How do you usually open it," another TikTok user asked. "I'm from New Zealand we open our cans like that as well."

A third user said in shock: "WHAT YOU GUYS DON'T OPEN IT LIKE THAT"

We can relate.

In other news, fashion stylist and TikToker Christie Moeller shared a very unique way to make sure your white laundry stays white in the wash.

All you need is a basin filled with warm water and denture cleanser. Yep, you heard that right.

You can watch Christie's video below:

Everyday's a school day with TikTok.

Featured Image Credit: alanwood01-tiktok

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