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People Are Calling This Woman's Way Of Cutting Bread 'Life-Changing'

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People Are Calling This Woman's Way Of Cutting Bread 'Life-Changing'

We all know the secret to the perfect sandwich is two hefty slices of really good bread - which is why we're shocked we just came across this bread cutting hack, that has quite literally changed the game forever.

Yep, one TikToker has shown how she cuts her bread to ensure it's the optimum thickness for her sarnie.

And it turns out slices are so last year. It's all about chunks of bread now. Yes, chunks.

Check out the video below:



The hack comes from foodie vlogger, @, who shared her perfect sandwich recipe with fans on the app.

And instead of slicing her bread into thin strips, she cut about a third of it apart from the loaf and then simply flipped it on its side and sliced it down the middle.

Utter. Genius.

This is how to cut the bread (Credit: TikTok/ @thefoldinglady)
This is how to cut the bread (Credit: TikTok/ @thefoldinglady)

While the TikToker, Sophie, continued to add her fillings - caramelised onion chutney, salad cream, pepperoni slices and cucumber - it was the bread cutting that really piqued people's interest.

"The way you cut the bread just changed my life," one person wrote.

While another penned: "Waaaaaiiiit... how you cut the loaf is a game changer".


"I've never thought of cutting bread like that," another quipped, as someone else commented: "The way you cut the bread........ life changed".

TikTok really is the gift that keeps on giving.

The result is two hefty chunks of bread (Credit: TikTok/ @thefoldinglady)
The result is two hefty chunks of bread (Credit: TikTok/ @thefoldinglady)

In other sandwich related news, did you hear about the cafe that is serving up the world's biggest breakfast sandwich, weighing in at a whopping 5lbs?


Big Dave's Cafe in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, is offering a sarnie that is five layers and stands at more than a foot tall.

The sandwich is made from freshly baked bread which is sliced into three massive loaves before it is stuffed with all of the usual suspects.

The 4,000 calorie beast of a sandwich is filled with five pork sausages, five bacon rashers, five eggs, 800g of beans, 800g of tomatoes, 500g of mushrooms and a selection of black pudding, haggis, hash-browns or all three.

We feel bloated just thinking about it...


Punters who want to attempt the massive monster of a sarnie will have 40 minutes to chomp it down or they'll have to fork out £20. Read more about that here.

Featured Image Credit: TikTok/ @thefoldinglady

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Joanna Freedman
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