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​This Quorn Product Is The Vegetarian Cult Product Meat Eaters Can't Get Enough Of

Mark Cunliffe

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​This Quorn Product Is The Vegetarian Cult Product Meat Eaters Can't Get Enough Of

Featured Image Credit: Ocado/Twitter/Quorn Foods

Quorn's version of the much loved buffet staple Scotch eggs have been receiving rave reviews on social media and websites which claim they are better than the meat version.

A typical Scotch egg consists of a hard or soft-boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat, coated in bread crumbs and baked or deep-fried.

It is a finger food that is always featured on the Christmas buffet and if you have friends who are veggies or are reducing the amount of meat they eat then you can make sure they aren't left out.

The savoury eggs are being described as 'better than the meat version'. (Credit: Ocado)
The savoury eggs are being described as 'better than the meat version'. (Credit: Ocado)

Quorn's savoury eggs are made with Mycoprotein, with a herb and savoury flavour, chopped free range egg filling and breadcrumb coating.

If you're not savvy on veggie terms the Mycoprotein website states that it is "made from natural, nutritious fungi from the soil.

"Once harvested, Quorn uses the age-old process of fermentation (much like that used to create beer and yogurt) to convert the carbohydrate into a Mycoprotein dough, which takes on the texture of meat and can be used in a variety of culinary applications."

Priced at £2 for 240g of mini savoury eggs the snack could also be the perfect option for those who want to reduce their meat intake.

If the price doesn't convince you to try them then the amazing reviews they have been receiving will do.

One Twitter user said the snack is addictive. They wrote: "The Quorn Scotch eggs are even more addictive. I can literally eat a whole pack in seconds."

Another added: "Quorn Scotch eggs are literally the best thing ever! Especially dipped in hummus."

"Quorn Scotch eggs taste like actual Scotch eggs and oh my I couldn't be happier," another Quorn savoury egg lover tweeted.

Customers who had bought the snack from Ocado have also left glowing reviews. One wrote: "Love the fact they taste as good as I remember the meat version to be, ages ago when I wasn't a vegetarian.

"Meat eaters would find it surprising to realise that this is meat free. One of the best Quorn products in my opinion. Thanks Quorn!"


Another couldn't believe that they didn't contain any meat: "Right, so I'm totally serious, are these actually meat disguised as Quorn because these are delicious and seriously taste like meat. I can't get over them!"

A third customer said: "These are a staple for me and my toddler i prefer the flavour to meat savoury eggs and now can't stand meat ones.

"I do find them filling which is always a good thing and I love the herb flavour and texture. A must have!"

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Mark Cunliffe
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