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This Pizza Box Designed For Eating In Bed Is Game Changing

This Pizza Box Designed For Eating In Bed Is Game Changing

The clever design will help us scoff as many slices of cheesy, doughy pizza as we like with utter ease.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

Pizza in bed is the ultimate treat, but trying to battle it out with a hot slice of cheesy margarita and a flimsy cardboard delivery box, which leaves greasy stains on your duvet, isn't the one.

But Boston Pizza, based in Canada, has created a life altering delivery box that can let you eat pizza in bed with ease.

The BP In Bed box is made out of regular cardboard, but has been designed so that it can stand up, above your bed covers and lap so you can treat yourself without all the mess.

There's a video to show us pizza lovers exactly how it works too:

This incredible creation is here for a limited time only, as was released earlier this year, in honour of Father's Day over in Canada.

If you really want to push the boat out, the box is big enough to hold two different pizzas, so you can share slices in bed with your best mate as you binge watch Netflix.

Boston Box

"As Canada's pizza leader, we're always looking for new ways to make pizza-eating more fun and convenient for our guests," said Adrian Fuoco of Boston Pizza.

"And with more TVs in bedrooms than ever, and more seasons to binge-watch, now's the perfect time for this kind of pizza innovation.

"The result is a pizza box with legs that easily unfold and lock into place. And just like that, you can comfortably eat a pizza in bed."

BP In Bed/Boston Pizza

While Boston Pizza isn't available here in the UK yet, you probably could fashion your own bed box to make sure you can indulge with ease.

If you want to take feasting in bed to a whole other level, then maybe you could snuggle up in bedding that looks exactly like a cheesy, tomatoe pizza.


These are available from Amazon for £18.12 and come with matching pillowcases.

Featured Image Credit: Youtube/BP In Bed

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