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Sainsbury's Is Selling Pigs-In-Blankets Mayo

Sainsbury's Is Selling Pigs-In-Blankets Mayo

It’s time to add some festive flavour to your plate

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Let's face it - the best part of any Christmas dinner is the pigs-in-blankets. We'd add those tiny sausages wrapped in bacon to literally every meal if we could.

Well, now we can, (sort of) thanks to Sainsbury's.

The supermarket giant is now offering shoppers to get their pork on fork fix with their brand new Sainsbury's Pigs-in-Blankets Flavour Mayonnaise.

The mayonnaise is set to light up your leftovers (

With smoky paprika overtones rounded off with strong, savoury notes, this meaty treat works well as an indulgent substitute for your usual mayonnaise - but if you fancy really turning things up a notch, you can use them as a pigs in blanket dipping sauce.

The bacon-esque mayo also works well dolloped on some roasties, or even smothered on your leftover turkey to make the perfect sandwich filling - and at just 95p per bottle, you can't really go wrong.

The undisputed best part of your Christmas dinner (

But that's not the only piggy product that Sainsbury's is selling in time for your Christmas roast.

If brussels sprouts are among your least favourite trimmings when it comes to the festive feast, the store is offering an innovative new way to make them more appealing.

With the Sainsbury's Sprout Sprinkle, you can spruce up your greens with a boost of bacony flavour so they make your sprouts taste a little more like pigs in blankets. At just £1 a pack, it's perfect for little ones who may not want to eat their veg.

Time to perk up your sprouts (

You could also try Sainsbury's new Sauce Shop Brussel Sprout Ketchup; priced at £3 packed full of vitamin C, this sauce has a distinct sweet and nutty flavour to brighten up any dry dinners.

Looks like we're going to be spoiled for choice during the festive season!

In other food and drink news, Lidl has released a number of Christmas-themed gins for their brand new spirit seasons.

Our 2020 Christmas dinner is set to be epic (

From a cranberry-flavoured tipple to a chocolate-orange G&T, there's plenty to satisfy all tastes this year.

Looks like we better start stocking up...

Featured Image Credit: Shutterstock/Sainsburys

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