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You Can Now Buy Rose Gold KitKats With A Pink Wafer

You Can Now Buy Rose Gold KitKats With A Pink Wafer

This is too pretty to eat...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Ever clapped your eyes on a snack that's too pretty to eat? Well, if you haven't this might be it.

KitKat is selling a Rose Gold bar with a pink wafer - and it looks Instagrammable AF.

Not only does the chocolate bar look the part, but the KitKat Chunky tastes sweet and fruity, too, seeing as its slathered in a strawberry and white chocolate coating.

While the pretty little chocolate bar is originally from Russia, we don't have to miss out on it in the UK thanks to import website, GB Goods.

The chocolate bar will set you back £1.99, and Royal Mail postage costs £3.49 on top, so you might want to stock up on a few bits while you're there to make the most of it!

Expect some pink wafer inside the bar (

If it's fruity KitKat's you're after, may we also introduce India's limited edition KitKat Strawberry.

You can buy the Kit Kat for a very reasonable £1.29 from GB Gifts, too.

It's a little pricey, but who doesn't love strawberry and chocolate? It's a combo long associated with luxury and indulgence, after all...

While you're browsing the website, might we recommend the Skittles Gummies, which are also on sale?

The chocolate bar was launched in India (

We were first alerted to the rainbow gummies via Insta food gurus, @newfoodsuk and although the sweets are currently only available to buy in the US, you can snap them up on the sweetie import site, too.

The jelly Skittles are just like the standard fruity sweets, except rather than a sugar shell candy, they're soft and gummy instead.

There's two packs to choose from, one with original flavours and the other wild berry - which contains raspberry, wild cherry, berry punch, melon berry and strawberry flavour gummies.

UK Skittles fans are very excited about the new addition, with hundreds tagging their mates. One person wrote on Twitter: "@Skittles these are amazing! I love gummies! And not having a sore jaw from trying to taste the rainbow is surely the best."

While another added: "I don't even like Skittles fr but the Skittles gummies so fire."

"If y'all ain't had Skittles gummies, y'all missing out!!!" said a third.

You can snap up the gummies right here. And we've also spotted the wild berry flavour over on LA Bites.

Featured Image Credit: GB Gifts

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