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Quality Street Launches Pick And Mix Tins

Quality Street Launches Pick And Mix Tins


Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

A tin of Quality Streets is a mainstay in many British households around Christmas time, but we wish we could say all sweets in the tin get the same love.

Everyone has their favourites (which get gobbled instantly), while others are left rejected, hardening at the bottom of the empty tin right through to new year.

To tackle this age-old cycle, Quality Street has launched revolutionary new pink and mix tins to allow fans to fill up bespoke tins with their favourite sweeties - and those alone.

This means no more begrudgingly eaten Orange Cremes or neglected Coconut Eclairs.

Tbh, we're surprised they didn't come up with this years ago.

You can now fill your tin up wit your faves (
Quality Street)

The pick and mix tins have been launched to coincide with Quality Street's brand new webshop, meaning fans won't even have to leave their homes to get their hands on a tin or four.

Visitors to the site can select up to six different sweets (you could even choose just one if you're a woman who knows what she likes) or opt for the classic Quality Street mix.

To add an extra element of personalisation, shoppers can even monogram their tins with a name of their choice.

Wouldn't this make SUCH a good gift for someone who is passionate about their Quality Streets?

While fans may have been able to pick up their personalised tins at pop-up locations in the last few years, it's the first time fans will be able to get them online year-round.

Ellie Dent, Senior Brand Manager for Quality Street said: "We've had an overwhelming response to our pop-up stations over the last few years, so we know how much people love to choose the perfect mix of their favourite sweets and personalise their Quality Street tins.

"Until now, you needed to do this by visiting a specific store but, with the launch of, shoppers in the UK and Ireland can tailor their tins in a matter of clicks, all from the comfort of their own home."

Quality Street)

She went on: "Does your family vie for the Green Triangles and Caramel Swirls while Toffee Fingers are left in the tin? Now you can avoid debate this year and create a mix that everyone will love."

The site will offer 1kg tins of Quality Street costing £15.99 plus a £2.99 delivery charge to UK mainland addresses.

We can't wait to start filling up with our faves!

Featured Image Credit: Quality Street

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