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You Can Now Buy A Percy Pig Egg Hunt Kit

You Can Now Buy A Percy Pig Egg Hunt Kit

We need this NOW.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Easter is only a week away, but there is still time to get ready by stocking up on chocolate eggs and sweets.

M&S has gone one step further by introducing a Percy Pig Easter egg hunt kit for only £30 and it is packed with goodies for every Percy Pig fan to enjoy.

Not only does it come with two Percy Pig Easter eggs - both of which have with a packet of Percy Pig sweets in the box - you also get two packets of chocolate speckled eggs, caramel eggs, an egg wrapped in gold foil and mini cardboard signs and clue cards for your at-home Easter egg hunt.

Marks and Spencer is selling a Percy Pig Easter egg hunt kit (
Marks & Spencer)

The little cardboard signs can be dotted across the garden or in in your home to give clues to where the mini Easter eggs have been hidden.

The kit also comes with gift bags to collect the eggs once you've found them and a checklist to mark where they were found.

You can order the Percy Pig Easter egg hunt kit now from the M&S website with delivers set to begin from Friday 26th March.

The Easter egg hunt kit comes with all the goodies you need (
Marks & Spencer)

The kit is one of several special Easter products M&S has launched in recent weeks, including a giant chocolate Percy Pig that looks too cute to eat.

Ahead of Easter, the supermarket chain has brought out a great big smiling Percy egg for fans of their iconic pink character, with a cute piggy snout, pink ears and some jazzy sprinkled trousers.

The giant Percy Pig is made entirely of delicious chocolate, and would make the perfect gift over the holidays.

But we won't judge you if you end up chomping the whole thing yourself, either.

The giant chocolate Percy Pig is part of the Easter-themed Percy Pig gift bag that also includes a biscuit tin, a gift bag, and classic Percy Pig sweets.

The Easter hunt kit also comes with a special Percy Pig gift bag (
Marks & Spencer)

Or why not try the Colin the Caterpillar Easter egg, made from white and milk chocolate.

The £5 Colin features a creamy milk chocolate egg accompanied by a bag of the best part of Colin - his face of course.

M&S explain: "If you're a fan of our iconic Colin the Caterpillar cake, you'll love our new Colin Easter egg, £5.

"A hollow creamy milk chocolate egg that comes with a bag of Colin faces - mini versions of the best part of the Colin cake, made from white and milk chocolate."

You can never have too much Percy (or Colin) in your life.

Featured Image Credit: Marks and Spencer

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