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You Can Now Get Cakes And Cupcakes That Look Like An Actual Peacock

You Can Now Get Cakes And Cupcakes That Look Like An Actual Peacock

If you've spent much of lockdown baking the likes of banana breads, cookie fries and Biscoff delights, we've got a new baking challenge (although, it's probably a little more complex).

People are making incredible peacock themed cakes, with colourful iced cupcakes to represent their majestic tail feathers.


Of course, if you've got a special occasion coming up and this is too complex, you could always enlist the help of a professional. In fact, people have been ordering the designs for birthdays weddings and anniversaries, too.

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The mesmerising designs have two or three tiers of iced cake (feel free to choose whichever flavour you fancy).

Most designs feature the fondant body of the colourful bird sitting on top of the highest tier, while its huge feathers drape down one side.


The feathers are also created using fondant icing, which, once they have reached the bottom tier, spread out into breathtaking cupcakes, decorated with the same green, blue and yellow pattern.

Of course, the cake would need to be displayed on a pretty large table so the cupcakes can be meticulously placed and spread out just like real peacock tail feathers.

Again, the cupcakes can be made from whatever cake you fancy - we're thinking classic vanilla sponge, chocolate or red velvet.

Some designs also use lemon or carrot - it's up to you! They can then be decorated with buttercream, before the fondant peacock icing is placed on top.

For a finishing touch, blue or green ribbon can be placed around the base of each tier, with some budding bakers also adding freehand iced swirls onto the side of the sponge itself. Fancy!

If you need some inspiration, there are so many incredible peacock cakes on social media.

As well as using cupcakes, one design even features peacock-themed cake pops, too.

Meanwhile, others have added a splash of gold and pink for an extra colourful design. As well as the cupcakes, some have even used macaroons to represent the tail feathers - and we're drooling just looking at them.

Although many big occasions are being spent indoors at the moment, we're thinking one of these majestic designs could make the perfect end-of-lockdown celebration cake...

Featured Image Credit: Pexels

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