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This Parma Violet Recipe Book Is The Stuff Of Dreams

This Parma Violet Recipe Book Is The Stuff Of Dreams

Oh wow.

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Parma Violets fans, assemble at once.

An official Parma Violets recipe book now exists and it's jam packed with 50 tantalising recipes for every PV enthusiast.

We're drooling over this Parma Violets cake (

Created by Swizzels, 50 Tastes of Purple is dedicated solely to Parma Violets and has launched just in time for the annual National Parma Violets Day which takes place every year on Friday 26th June.

Not that a true PV fan would need to be reminded of that date...

It's the first of its kind and features an array of mouthwatering delights, including recipes for Parma Violets macaroons, fudge, eclairs and our personal fave - Parma Violets cookie dough with white chocolate filling.


There's seriously extra milkshakes, too (

Each recipe features that unmistakeable violet flavour and some have even been created by fans who've come up with their own ways of enjoying Parma Violets over the years.

And it's not just food - oh no, there's also the Parma Violets freakshake and a boozy Parma Violets cocktail, embellished with a cute little pack of the purple sweets.

How cute is this Parma Violets cocktail? (

What's more, you don't even need to buy the book - it's available to download from the Swizzels website.

And the recipes are so easy to follow, with a simple list of everything you'll need as well as a method and information on how many people your tasty violet treat will serve.

Claire Lee, Brand Manager at Swizzels, said: "Parma Violets continue to spark debate across the nation, but we have such dedicated fans who continue to surprise us with their love and passion for the brand.

"This recipe book has been created by our fans for the fans and is a real celebration of the sweet and its unique flavour. We hope this recipe book inspires Parma Violets fans across the country to create some tasty treats!"

Honestly, we never realised just how much you could make out of Parma Violets. You can download the recipe book here.

Featured Image Credit: Swizzels

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