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Pancake Charcuterie Boards Are Now A Thing - And They Looks Delicious

Pancake Charcuterie Boards Are Now A Thing - And They Looks Delicious

There have been cheese charcuterie boards, hot chocolate charcuterie boards...and now we have a pancake version.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

Banana bread was one of the biggest food trends during the first lockdown last year. But if you're looking for something new to whip up in the kitchen, it looks as if this time around everyone is making pancake charcuterie boards.

There have been cheese charcuterie boards and hot chocolate charcuterie boards already in recent months - but this is a version we can definitely get on board with.

Pancake charcuterie have taken Instagram by storm recently. Not only do they look great but they certainly taste fantastic too.

Plus you can spice up your breakfast and brunch game all at the same time.

These pancake charcuterie boards are the perfect way to brighten up any cold, January day. A mix of pancakes, toppings and sweets allow you to treat yourself and have a delicious breakfast.

Or you could make a savoury version for brunch if the sweet versions don't take your fancy.

Whatever version you decide to make, it's sure to be a treat for you and your social media feeds.

All you need is a wooden board big enough to hold the pancakes of your choice, and, of course, a confection of tasty extras.

We suggest making the pancakes fairly small. This will allow for you to display them exactly how you want and to save room for a whole collection of extras.

The possibilities are endless! If you are in need of some inspiration, we have collected some of our favourites from Instagram for you to check out.

One board created by @completelydelicious includes lots of fresh fruit for the ultimate weekend brunch.

There's strawberry and banana slices, blueberries and raspberries, peanut butter and chocolate chips. If you love mixing sweet and savoury flavours, she has also added some crispy bacon slices to her charcuterie board.

Another board made by @stemsca also mixes sweet and and savoury flavours to satisfy all appetites. There's scrambled eggs and fried chicken paired with strawberry slices, blueberries, figs and chocolate chips.

The board posted by @momenttograze features a healthy selection of nuts, seeds, strawberries, oranges and honey.

While @bugbeansmomma added toast and eggs to her spread of perfectly shaped pancakes, alongside blueberries, cream, chocolate chips, strawberries and bacon.

Now's the time to get the charcuterie board out and take breakfast to the next level!

Featured Image Credit: @bugbeansmomma/Instagram

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