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B&M Is Now Selling Oreo Crumbs

B&M Is Now Selling Oreo Crumbs

We’re just going to tip these straight down our throats, tbh.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

As much as we like to dunk an Oreo into milk (or even a hot cup of tea, if the mood takes us), sometimes we find ourselves just wanting the crumbs.

Yep, may times we've found our fingers scrabbling to the bottom of the slim packets just to get the last few crushed pieces of biscuit that may have gathered in the wrapping.

We love an Oreo snack treat (

But we may not have to resort to such extreme measures to get our hands on the last pieces of delicious Oreo biscuit, with the brand having now released a pack of Oreo Crumbs.

Available from B&M for just £1.29 here in the UK, the 300g pack contains small, crushed up pieces of chocolate flavour sandwich biscuits with a vanilla flavour filling.

Oreo Crumbs are perfect for sprinkling on top of some plain ice cream or milkshakes - which we're soon all going to be reaching for as the weather starts heating up (anyone else getting really excited for or spring time picnics?)

You can now get crushed Oreos as a pack (

Those among us who are Bake Off contestants in waiting will also find this small packet of crushed up Oreos ideal for cakes and mixing, for a more delicious (and Instagram friendly!) bake.

The new product was posted on Instagram food page @Kevssnackreviews, with fans flocking to discuss what they're going to do with the biscuit equivalent of fairy dust.

And we're salivating at the thought of some of these ideas.

We'd love an Oreo cheesecake, tbf (

"This would be an amazing cheesecake base!" one person wrote, while another said: "These would be nice to add to a cake mix."

A third planned to add these to the "top of a hot chocolate with cream and marshmallows", while a fourth said: "I'd just tip these straight down my throat."

A spokesperson from Oreo told Tyla: ""Oreo Crumbs is a product typically available to our wholesale partners in the UK, and we don't currently have plans to make it widely available. However, we hope those who are lucky enough to grab a pack enjoy a special crumbly treat."

In other chocolate news (it is coming up to Easter, after all) Weetabix has announced new chocolate-filled Weetabix Melts, seeing a bitesize version of our breakfast filled with either milk or white chocolate.

Who wouldn't want a bowl filled with chocolate-centred crunchy bites?

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