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Morrisons Is Selling An All-In-One Bar And Coolbox For Summer

Morrisons Is Selling An All-In-One Bar And Coolbox For Summer

The bar with built-in coolbox has been reduced to just £30, down from its usual price of £45 .

Marianne Eloise

Marianne Eloise

Summer has been pretty stop-start this year, but nevertheless, it's still right around the corner. That means we're getting excited about all sorts of outdoorsy activities - like BBQs, sunbathing the park, and garden parties - we'll be jam-packing into the next coming months.

And Morrisons has you covered for all of these occasions, with its all-in-one drinks cooler and bar.

It's a shopper favourite and has been on sale in previous years, but it's back - and one Money Saver Facebook group user has pointed out that it's currently on offer for £30 down from its usual price of £45.


With a table on top and a beer cooler on the bottom, the item is perfect for summer.

It's slightly pricier than it was at last year's £43, but we're sure you will agree that it's a bargain either way.

Others can cost up to around £90 from elsewhere, so this one by Keter is super cheap in comparison.

It's not for sale on Morrisons' website, but it is also on Amazon if you can't find one in the supermarket's stores.


The product description reads: "The trendy and highly convenient Keter cool bar is a cooler that doubles as a table. It is ideal for barbecues, pool parties and other outdoor events.

"Simply raise the lid to convert it to a tabletop and fill the cooler portion with ice and drinks! The cool bar is made of a durable and weather-resistant polypropylene that protects against decay, rust and other weather-related damage."


The ice bucket holds up to 30L and the entire table is weather-resistant for those days when the sun is less than reliable.

The bar top is also extendable, so if you're not wanting to use the cooler at any point, you can just use the whole thing as a regular table.

*Adds to basket immediately*

Featured Image Credit: Keter

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