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Morrisons Is Selling Chocolate Orange Wensleydale Cheese For Christmas

Morrisons Is Selling Chocolate Orange Wensleydale Cheese For Christmas

This is ideal for cheese and chocolate lovers.

Ciara Sheppard

Ciara Sheppard

We're all for a food hybrid, but this Christmas has seen things really taken to extremes.

We've had pigs-in-blankets pizzas, Creme Egg Dairy Milk bars and pigs-in-blankets sausage rolls - and now, there's the ultimate flavour mash-up for lovers of both cheese and chocolate.

You guessed it: Morrisons has gone where no supermarket has gone before with a Wensleydale and orange chocolate cheese.


The supermarket commissioned cheesemakers Singletons & Co to create the recipe exclusively - and you can get your hands on a kilo of it for £10.

It's made up of creamy and crumbly Wensleydale, hand-mixed with candied orange peel, milk chocolate and dark chocolate chips.

"Tis the season to indulge and this cheese is a truly indulgent festive treat," say Morrisons.

It's certainly an unusual combo but our logic is this: cheese? Good. Chocolate? Good. Together? New realms of incredibleness.


And while we're prepared to give chocolate cheese a go, we appreciate it might not be for everyone. But maybe a pigs-in-blankets pizza is more up your street?

On 5th December, Lidl launched its Pigs in Blanket Festive Pizza which costs shoppers just £3.29.

The pizza is comprised of a delicious stone-baked sourdough base, topped with Mediterranean style tomato sauce, red onions, cranberry sauce and everyone fave Christmas dinner component: juicy pigs-in-blankets.

We're dribbling (

It was only available for a limited time only, so you'll have to cross your fingers and get down to your nearest supermarket ASAP if you still want to get in on the good stuff.

Lidl's Christmas range also includes a Birchwood British Yard Long Pig In Blanket (£4.49) and Chicken in Blankets (£2.79) - a twist on the classic using chicken sausage wrapped in turkey rashers, available from 19th December.

Morrisons Singletons & Co Wensleydale and Chocolate Orange Cheese in available in stores now for £10 for 1kg.

Featured Image Credit: Morrisons

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