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You Can Now Buy Mint Chocolate Malteser Ice Creams

You Can Now Buy Mint Chocolate Malteser Ice Creams

It may be winter, but nothing is coming in-between us and this frozen treat.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

While the weather is admittedly pretty chilly at the moment, not even a cold spell will keep us away from the new mint Maltesers ice-creams.

We love Maltesers, chocolate and ice cream, so we couldn't be more excited for this new launch in the UK. .

The packs, priced at £2.25, are currently only in Asda stores and online here.

They are made up of three minty fresh ice-creams, each with cocoa coated honeycomb pieces mixed into them and thick coats of milk chocolate. Yum.

They were first spotted by Kevs Snack Reviews on Instagram, who posted along with pictures: "There's a new mint Maltesers Ice cream available from @Asda stores for £2.25 a box, and I just had to buy some!

Packs come in 3 x 100ml lollies and are £2.25 a box in Asda (

"Mint ice cream is underrated but very tasty IMO, and here it's combined with crisp cocoa coated honeycomb pieces and coated in milk chocolate. It's a mix that works very well!

"There's the fresh tasting mint ice cream, which isn't too strong or overpowering, and the milk chocolate coating that actually tastes like Maltesers chocolate.

"The honeycomb pieces add a moreish honeycomb taste that works really well with the ice cream. So tasty!"

They added: "I wasn't sure how this combo would work out to be honest but all the flavours blend well. I'd have liked a few more honeycomb pieces though! (They're only 5% of the ice cream)."

Quite the rave review.

It's not the only exciting product Maltesers, owned by Mars, has brought out this year.

The ice-creams have only launched in Asda stores so far (

It has also announced the launch of a white truffle egg for Easter.

Last year saw the launch of its milk version, that comes accompanied with extra special honeycomb truffles, but now this year we have the choice of indulging in this creamy white egg too.

The white chocolate version will be available exclusively at Tesco and is currently up for grabs here for £10.

Featured Image Credit: Wikimedia

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