Half Of Brits Would Consider Eating Mince Pies For Breakfast And WTAF

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Half Of Brits Would Consider Eating Mince Pies For Breakfast And WTAF

We thought there was no bigger breakfast debate than whether to Marmite or not to Marmite.

But, believe it or not, we've found an even more contentious issue. It turns out half of Brits think it's okay to eat mince pies for breakfast.

Yep, we'll just let that sink in.

In a study conducted by Bread Ahead bakery, it was discovered that 50 per cent of Brits thought a morning mince pie was totally legit, while the the other half is outraged at the notion.


On average, we chomp through 14 mince pies a day during the holidays.

Mince pies for breakfast, anyone? (Credit: Pexels)
Mince pies for breakfast, anyone? (Credit: Pexels)

However, the real truth is it could actually be much higher.

In fact, one in the 100 polled confessed they scoff up to fifty of the little beauties.


So, how do mince pie fanatics eat the fruity treat?

Well, Brits have also voted on this - and let's just say the answers might surprise you.

Quite expectedly, the study discovered that nearly three quarters (74 per cent) of Brits prefer a warm mine pie to a cold one.

When it comes to the perfect accompaniment, a splash of cream is the nation's choice (24 per cent), whilst custard (11 per cent), brandy butter (8 per cent), ice cream (7 per cent) and squirty cream (7 per cent) complete the top five.


But it got strange when people started listing their more outlandish accompaniments, like gravy and gorgonzola.


We're eating more mince pies than we admit (Credit: PA)
We're eating more mince pies than we admit (Credit: PA)

Check out the full survey of mince pie accompaniments below:


On its own 35%

Single/Double Cream 24%

Custard 11%

Brandy Butter 8%


Squirty cream 7%

Ice cream 7%

Brandy cream 4%

Other (including: Clotted cream
Gravy, gorgonzola cheese) 3%

Cointreau cream 1%

Of course, we're not one to judge anyone on their Christmas snacking, just as long as they have room for Quality Street, cheese boards and turkey sandwiches aplenty.

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