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McDonald’s Reduces Price Of Popular Menu Items Including McNuggets

McDonald’s Reduces Price Of Popular Menu Items Including McNuggets

We know what we’re having for lunch…

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

McDonald's has cut the price of tonnes of tasty menu items from today.

The chancellor Rishi Sunak announced a reduction in VAT from 20 per cent to 5 per cent last week, in order to boost the economy.

And this has now caused the fast food eatery to slash the price of a number of popular classics, bringing the reduction into play from 5am today (Wednesday 15th July).

Items affected by the cuts include the Extra Value Happy Meals, which are now 40p cheaper, and the Happy Meals, which are 30p less than before.

McNuggets, the Big Mac and the Filet O'Fish will all cost 20p less.

Maccies trip, anyone?! (
Instagram/ McDonaldsUK)

Plus, Quarter Pounders with cheese, the McChicken Sandwich and the Veggie Deluxe carry the same discount, too.

McMuffins will cost 30p less than usual while breakfast meals are 50p cheaper.

Meanwhile, coffee will sell for 99p instead of £1.39, and premium coffees like cappuccinos and lattes will cost 30p less.

The prices on desserts and cold drinks are not likely to be affected.

Grab your McDonald's breakfast at a discount, too (
Instagram/ McDoanld's Canada)

Of course, it's worth remembering that these are just guidelines prices, and given that individual branches are franchises, they may vary.

The price cuts only apply to Drive-thru and takeaways - so there's no point hunting for that Maccies breakfast on McDelivery.

You can check your local branch's prices via the My McDonalds app.

The price reduction is set to last until January 2021, and comes as the fast food giant prepares to re-open its doors to diners for the first time since March, amid the ongoing pandemic.

At the moment, the re-opening will only be a trial, and there are currently just four restaurants opened across the UK and Ireland to test dine-in.

However, the chain is preparing to open more under social distancing measures, removing up to 70 per cent of its branch capacity to stay in line with government guidelines.

Time for a discount Big Mac, then, guys!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ McDonalds UK

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