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McDonald’s To Bring Back 500 More Restaurants For Delivery

McDonald’s To Bring Back 500 More Restaurants For Delivery

The Big Mac is officially BACK.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

McDonald's is set to reopen another 500 restaurants for home delivery this week, as its plans to plough on amid the coronavirus pandemic continue.

The fast food chain has been gradually re-opening its drive-thru's and some of its premises for delivery over the last few days, and now has 934 open.

Of this number, 852 restaurants are drive-thru only, while 56 are delivery only and 26 offer both.

Want a Big Mac at the push of a button? No problem... (
McDonald's/ Instagram)

But Maccies is now pledging to ensure that 500 more restaurants are operating with home delivery this week - meaning a whole lot more of us will soon be able to get our Big Mac fix without leaving the house.

The news is going to be a blessing to those who haven't been able to make a Maccies trip.

Plus, it's great news for people who simply want to avoid the hellish drive-thru queues we've seen in some areas across the country (seriously, people will wait for hours to get their burger fix).

The fast food joint has not yet revealed which restaurants will be operating home delivery, but we will let you know as soon as we know more!

Currently, all branches are still closed to the public, and only operating with delivery and drive-thru to ensure customer's safety.

The big announcement isn't the only one from the fast food giant, as it also unveiled plans to bring back its full menu in the coming months.

McDonald's CEO for UK and Ireland Paul Pomroy said he expects to be trialling reintroducing the breakfast menu within a few weeks.

Now you can get a Maccies without having to queue (

It comes after the chain has been serving a limited menu since it begun reopening to the public on June 2nd.

He didn't give a date that this would be rolled out nationwide, but even so, we're salivating the thought of snacking on hash browns and Egg McMuffins again in the imminent future!


Featured Image Credit: Instagram/ McDonald's UK

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