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You Can Now Buy Chocolate Squirty Cream

You Can Now Buy Chocolate Squirty Cream

This looks delicious!

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

You can never have too much chocolate and back by popular demand, Marks & Spencer is selling their scrumptious chocolate squirty cream in time for summer.

The Temptingly Chocolatey Cream was launched as part of the supermarket's Valentine's Day range. It proved to be very popular and now customers can buy the product once again.

The Temptingly Chocolatey Cream is back in stores now (
Marks & Spencer-Instagram)

Each can costs £2 and Marks & Spencer recommends pairing it with juicy, plump strawberries or atop a brownie fresh from the oven. You could also squirt it straight from the can into your mouth - no judgement here!

Marks & Spencer announced the chocolate squirty cream's return on Instagram, and let's just say customers were more than content to see its comeback.

One person commented: "I need to try this now!!"

A second Instagram user shared: "This looks yummmm!"

While a third typed: "I love this cream".

Those of us with a sweet tooth are spoiled for choice thanks to Marks & Spencer. You can also buy the supermarket's take on churros which can bought ready made. All you have to do is heat them them in the oven and voila - you have perfectly crisp churros.

You can also buy churros from Marks & Spencer that can be heated in the oven at home (
Marks & Spencer)

Each pack contains 10 churros and dark chocolate sauce which is perfect for dipping. Customers will also get a sachet of cinnamon to sprinkle over the delicious snack.

The churros are available in Marks & Spencer stores and can be purchased online from Ocado for £4.

Sweet and crisp, churros are an essential snack and are traditionally eaten for breakfast in Spain but they can also be devoured for lunch, dinner or dessert.

TikTok food vlogger Mandsreviews tested the churros for their followers and you'll be pleased to know it got stellar review with a 10/10 rating.

Watch their review below:

Last but not least, you can also pick up chocolatey s'mores. The Gimme S'more Brownie can be grilled (on a BBQ or indoor grill), or simply put in the oven.

It's ready in just eight minutes, and after being heated up you can expect a gooey, chocolatey, mashmallowey delight.

If you want to get your hands on one, they're available in M&S stores now for a very reasonable £4.50.

Featured Image Credit: Marks & Spencer

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