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M&S Launches Percy Pig Swiss Roll & Mini Bites

M&S Launches Percy Pig Swiss Roll & Mini Bites

Percy strikes again!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Percy Pig fans, get ready for some tasty news. Marks & Spencer has launched two new Percy offerings, and you can get your hands on them from today.

Say hello to Percy Pig Mini Bites and Percy Pig Swiss Roll - two new mouthwatering Percy treats to get your trotters on!

Launching in stores today, the Percy Pig Mini Bites are described by M&S as "chewy mouthfuls of heaven" packed with fruity Percy Pig pieces, marshmallow, crispy rice pops and coated in white chocolate.

These look so moreish (

Available in the 2 for £4 range, they look dangerously more-ish...

M&S currently offer 11 different variations of their Mini Bite tubs - and they sell a whopping 172,000 tubs every single week.

With M&S promising the Percy bites provide that "iconic squidgy flavour and texture" we know and love, we've got a feeling they're going to be very popular.

They're available in the 2 for £4 deal (

Now, if you're more of a cake person, there's something for you, too.

Priced at £1.50 and also available from today (Tuesday 3rd November) M&S has also launched a Percy Pig Swiss Roll.

The pink fluffy sponge is filled with Percy Pig flavoured buttercream, loaded with chewy Percy Pig pieces and topped with pink edible glitter.

M&S says it offers "everything you could want from a sweet cake treat, but with Percy's unmistakable twist of all things pink and delicious.

"This unique take on a classic sponge is mouth-watering to eat as it comes, but also makes a great base layer for perhaps a show-stopping trifle or pudding, should you want to wow the family with your Percy creations this winter."

There's also a Percy Pig Swiss Roll - and it's coated in pink glitter (

M&S has been launching heaps of Percy Pig treats recently, including Percy Pig 'Phizzy Pop' and Percy Pig flavoured ice cream.

The sweets have also had a festive makeover, with Percy Pig Mince Pies now available in stores, as well as a Percy Pig advent calendar (with a whole bag of Percies on Christmas Day!)

M&S, you really are spoiling us!

Featured Image Credit: Flickr

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