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Marks And Spener Launches Chocolate Hedwig For Easter

Marks And Spener Launches Chocolate Hedwig For Easter

Let’s make Easter a touch more magical…

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

For us, Harry Potter has always been a bit of a Christmas staple, as we snuggle under blankets and watch all eight movies back to back after a turkey feast.

But now, it looks as if our favourite boy-wizard is set to make our Easter a touch more magical in the shape of this chocolate Hedwig from Marks and Spencer.

The chocolate Hedwig is expected to swoop off the shelves (

Perfect for those of us who are still obsessed with Harry Potter (Hufflepuff and proud, by the way), this lovingly hand-crafted Hedwig has been made from delicious and creamy white chocolate.

And our Hedwig comes complete with a milk chocolate envelope - where we will be expecting to find our Hogwarts letter after all these years.

Swooping into stores from March 18th, the white chocolate Hedwig comes off the back of the success Marks & Spencer saw when they launched a series of Harry Potter treats for Christmas - which included a milk chocolate Sorting Hat, a Harry Potter chocolate wand, and a mini chocolate Golden Snitch which flew off the shelves in blink and you'll miss it speed.

Hedwig is a Harry Potter staple (
Warner Bros)

And priced at £15, we're expecting Hedwig to shoot off just as quickly as they come in stock, so make sure you're move quickly.

Marks and Spencer are selling a range of sweet and savoury snacks to make this Easter possibly one of the tastiest yet.

While Easter tis the season for stacks of chocolate, the upmarket food store has taken their egg game to a whole new level with their brand new Dippy Egg Cheese Bake, brand new for the holiday season.

Hedwig comes complete with its own chocolate envelope (

This delicious rich cheese bake combines a blend of Barbers 1833 Cheddar, full fat soft cheese and crème fraiche with a Red Leicester 'yolk' - think of it like a fancy, Easter-themed fondue.

Other goodies to try also include M&S's cheeky aubergine-shaped Easter egg.

Why not grab an aubergine aka eggplant shaped Easter egg too (

Teasing the naughty-shaped chocolate treat on Instagram, the retailer wrote: "Stop scrolling: our 'Egg-Plant Kitchen' vegan Easter egg is here to brighten up your January in all its aubergine-shaped glory. You can thank us later. Pick it up in store now!"

The egg features thick, dairy free chocolate, crafted into a cheeky aubergine shape.

Featured Image Credit: M&S/Warner Bros

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