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​You Can Now Get Giant Magnums Of Prosecco Delivered To Your Front Door

​You Can Now Get Giant Magnums Of Prosecco Delivered To Your Front Door

Umm, perfect for that two person party on Friday night, no?

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

With strict isolation measures in place because of COVID-19, we think we can all agree that to get us through we're in need of a stocked up wine rack.

But the problem is, some stores won't allow us to bulk buy the same item - so if you have a favourite bottle of fizz it's not ideal.

The obvious answer is to repeatedly hit the shops, but we're also not meant to do that either - remember, shop visits should only be for essentials and not everyday.

That's where magnums come in - no not the chocolate kind. A magnum holds two bottles of wine in one singular bottle and is the perfect answer to avoid being accused of stockpiling. Sneaky!

The other answer is a wine club that delivers the goods direct to your door. Lavish we know, but we are no longer going out so we shall live like queens at home, OK? Plus, it's safer for everyone.

Wine Buyers Club

That's where Wine Buyers comes in.

It dubs itself an "exclusive wine and champagne club" and it will ship wines and spirits straight to you, so you don't even need to leave your house or lug that magnum you're now eyeing up from store to car.

This Nani Rizzi Prosecco Superiore Valdobbiadene Brut on its website here will set you back £24.23 and is 150cl - so two bottles in one. That will make for a great Friday night for you and your housemate or other half in quarantine.

The prosecco itself has good reviews on wine rating app Vivino too, with four out of five stars from reviewers.

But before you shop, you just need to sign up to the club (which is free).

Be aware however that shipping costs widely vary and while the site says it doesn't make commission on the wine itself, some of the delivery costs aren't cheap.

These huge magnums will keep us stocked up for isolation (

You do need to remember though, that the store would've had to pay for their wines to be sent over from other countries, so you're covering those costs too.

But to be honest, it's the same with most wine clubs, so the way to get the most bang for your delivery buck is to order more - a one bottle order just isn't economical.

So get in a whole case and then you'll be set for however long isolation goes on for. *Adds more to basket*


Featured Image Credit: Pixabay

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