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You Can Now Buy Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate Bar With Speculoos

You Can Now Buy Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate Bar With Speculoos

The tasty white chocolate bar is now available for UK customers thanks to GB Gifts.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Lotus Biscoff addicts, listen up. If you haven't tried one of the Biscoff Cream Bars yet then you're not going to want to miss out.

A biscuit bar with an exciting twist, the Lotus Biscoff Speculoos Cream Bar is filled with deliciously smooth and caramel flavoured Biscoff spread.

It's coated in delicious Belgian milk chocolate and sectioned into bite-sized squares for your snacking pleasure.

And it can now be bought over here in the UK for just £2.99 from Home Bargains. Result.

The chocolate cream bar comes in a milk or dark coating (

There's also a dark chocolate Cream Bar, too, which is the same but with a dark chocolate coating. Thats not yet available on UK shelves, but can be bought on international snack retailer, Candy Mail UK, for a slightly steeper £5.99.

There's more, too. You can also nab a white chocolate Biscoff bar, without the cream and with an added crunch instead.

While the tasty chocolate bars - which were originally sold in Belgium - haven't actually landed on shelves over here yet, they're currently available to purchase on import site, GB Gifts - and we promise you they're going to sell out fast.

There's a crunchy white chocolate bar, too (

Instagram account, NewFoodsUK, shared the news of their arrival on their page, writing: "New Lotus Biscoff White Chocolate Bar! Yes this is as good as it looks! Now available at @gbgift."

And it's safe to say that people were drooling at the site of the bar, which is made of creamy white chocolate littered with tasty Speculoos biscuit bites.

"NEED!!" wrote one person in the comments.

While anther penned: "OMG. I want some."

Biscoff fanatics will love the chocolate bars

"Life just keeps getting better," said someone else, as they heard the news of the bar's release.

The bar costs £5.99 on the food importing site, which isn't bad considering we're not actually meant to be able to indulge in it over here.

Still, here's hoping Home Bargains stocks that one soon, too.

Featured Image Credit: Biscoff

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