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Lockdown Bakes: How To Make The Baked Feta Pasta Everyone Is Talking About

Lockdown Bakes: How To Make The Baked Feta Pasta Everyone Is Talking About

With Storm Darcy causing absolute mayhem across the country this week - and sending temperatures plummeting to a staggering -23C - we've been spending most evenings armed with heated blankets and hot chocolates.

Now, we've found the perfect warming pasta dish for you to rustle up this weekend. It really is the ultimate comfort food.

Say hello to Baked Feta Pasta - a mouthwatering concoction of carbs and cheese (what's better), the creamy pasta consists of feta, tomatoes, herbs, spices and olive oil, all melted to form a heavenly cheesy sauce, and added to your pasta of choice.


The dish - which seems to have originated from Finnish food blogger Jenni Häyrinen - has been popping up on our social media feeds all week, and honestly it just couldn't be easier to make at home.

At its simplest, you need just four ingredients - pasta, feta cheese, plum tomatoes and olive oil. However, some people have been mixing it up a little, adding garlic, herbs and spices, or in some cases chicken or prawns.

Take a look at a video of how to make it below - courtesy of Dina's Kitchen - who added Kalamata olives, pork salami and white wine, too. Yep, we are drooling.


Here's how you can recreate it at home...




- 1 block of feta cheese

- Large pack of cherry tomatoes

- Olive oil

- Herbs and spices


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- Take a medium sized baking dish and add your cherry tomatoes. Drizzle on some olive oil, as well as herbs and spices, and mix together.

- Make space in the centre of the dish and add your block of feta. Again, drizzle on a little olive oil before seasoning. Add your chopped garlic.

- Bake in the oven for around 25 minutes, until the feta is soft and golden. While it's baking, boil your pasta.

- Once the feta and tomatoes are nicely baked, remove from the oven and squish them together (technical term) using a spatula or a fork to make a creamy sauce.

- Add your cooked pasta and mix the cheesy, carby goodness together. You could also add some cooked chicken, prawns, spinach or other greens.

- Serve and devour!

Tip: If the sauce seems a little dry, simply add a touch of boiling water.

If you need some inspo' to get started, just look at these delicious examples below. Warning - you will be hungry after this!

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