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Kinder Bueno's White Chocolate and Coconut Bars Are Back In Stores From Tomorrow

Kinder Bueno's White Chocolate and Coconut Bars Are Back In Stores From Tomorrow

This is incredible news for fans of the coconut chocolate bar.

Aneira Davies

Aneira Davies

When Kinder Bueno's white chocolate and coconut bars were taken off shelves in 2017, fans were in uproar.

But the chocolate makers have announced that the delicious snack is FINALLY going to be sold in stores across the UK again - and we don't have long to wait.

According to The Grocer's official Instagram page, the delish snacks will be available to buy again from the 4th May.

This is music to our ears!

It'll be the first time in four years we'll be able to get our hands on this yummy chocolate, which has a distinct tropical feel.

The coconut and hazelnut flavoured chocolate was previously only available to buy abroad.

It's not hard to see why fans are excited to welcome the product back. Dreamy white chocolate and coconut cover a Kinder Bueno wafer filled with hazelnut cream, giving us all the holiday vibes.

The bar is also topped with coconut flakes, for that extra tropical taste.

The delicious chocolate bar combines the tropical taste of coconuts with Kinder Bueno's classic hazelnut flavour (

Makers Ferrero Rocher said at the time of the product's initial launch that they were "looking to bring a bit of difference to shoppers and this time it's with a touch of tropical; perfectly timed for the busy summer season ahead for retailers.

"With adults making up two-thirds of Kinder Bueno consumption, we continuously strive to create confectionery that appeals to this age group. With the ingredient seeing a rise in consumer awareness in the last year, we're anticipating a strong performance for this exciting new variant."

The bar will cost 60p and is available to buy from tomorrow, 4th May.

This is not the only exciting product launch by Kinder Bueno.

Food Instagrammer @johnssnackreviews also recently spotted Kinder's Choco Fresh, on sale in Lidl stores for £1.99.

These melt-in-your-mouth chocolates boast a hazelnut cream that just dissolves on your tongue and is packed full of flavour.

BRB, just heading to buy up all the Kinder Bueno's we can get our hands on.

Featured Image Credit: Ferrero Rocher

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