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KFC Brings Back 'Daredevil' Piri Piri Inferno Bites And They're Its Spiciest Snack Yet

KFC Brings Back 'Daredevil' Piri Piri Inferno Bites And They're Its Spiciest Snack Yet

KFC is re-launching its Daredevil bites and they are spicier than ever before.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Forget spicy McNuggets, they are so last month. KFC has brought back its Daredevil bites and we are chomping at the bit to try them.

The best bit? They are set to be spicier than ever before, with three flavours... one of which definitely isn't for the faint-hearted.

If you are a real daredevil, the Piri Piri Inferno flavour will be your go-to, whilst the Fiery Buffalo is more of a mid-level heat for those that like a bit of heat with their chicken and not be left gasping for water.

Finally, the Sweet Chilli bites are for the tamer diners among us (read: those who can only handle Nando's lemon and herb sauce).

Piri Piri Bites.

These tasty pieces of boneless breadcrumbed heaven look as crispy as regular KFC chicken, but covered in one of the three sauces to spice up your life.

For just £1.99 for a four-piece snack pot, or £6.99 as part of a meal which comes with a spicy Zinger Burger, chips, a side and a drink, they are going to be difficult to resist, so maybe just don't?

Buffalo Bites.

Before you get ahead of yourself though, be warned this addition to the menu is only around for six weeks, so you better hop to it if you are keen to try.

Sweet Chilli Bites.

We first spotted Daredevil bites in KFC restaurants back in 2014 and they were ditched from the menu two years later. Why they were ever taken from us we don't know, but they are back with a new recipe to rival the slightly lacking heat of McDonald's spicy nuggets.

There is no chance of being disappointed with the fiery goodness of the Piri Piri option it seems, with a KFC spokesperson commenting about the bites: "Pass me the milk."


Twitter users are pretty excited too.

One user said: "Life is now complete, they have the Daredevil bites back at KFC. Yum bloody yum."

Another user commented: "@KFC_UKI is it true are daredevil bites back?"

A third excited Tweet said: "2 of my best mates became dads on the same day!! [...] and KFC daredevil bites are back @KFCUKI what a day to be alive!!"

We know you are going to immediately need access to your local KFC and you can find that out here. You are welcome.

Featured Image Credit: KFC

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