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People Are Going Mad For These New Jammie Dodger Muffins

People Are Going Mad For These New Jammie Dodger Muffins

Want. Need. Right. Now.

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

ASDA is selling Jammie Dodger muffins, and they look like an actual dream.

Sold in a tasty two-pack, the muffins are vanilla flavoured, and topped with smooth icing and heart plaque decoration.

But, most excitingly, they have an oozy raspberry jam filling, just like the biscuits, which fills your mouth from the very first bite.

The new muffins are currently being sold exclusively at ASDA, and first went on sale on Monday 21st September.

Created by Speedibake and Burtons Biscuits, the makers of the sweet treats promise they "capture the great flavour and taste of these iconic biscuits".

The muffins have an oozy jam centre (
Instagram/ @kevssnackreviews)

The muffins will set shoppers back £1.50, and are available in the bakery section of the supermarkets.

And they're already going down a treat, according to online reviews.

Insta' foodie Kev from Kev's Snack Reviews described the muffins as "really lovely," and praised the fact they were a "good replication of Jammie Dodgers for a muffin".

Meanwhile one shopper described the treat on Twitter as a "game changer," as another wrote: "These tasted so good".

A third commented on Facebook: "These are honestly everything I hoped they would be."

The muffins are flavoured like Jammie Dodger biscuits (
Burton's biscuits)

They come alongside another new addition: Maryland Cookies Muffins, which are the same price, and jammed full of tasty Maryland Cookies chocolate chips and a gooey chocolate filling.


At the same price, these muffins also come in two-packs, and are on sale now.

"We're really proud to have developed our first branded range of muffins with Burton's Biscuits," said Rob Turpin, commercial director, Speedibake.

"We knew we wanted to bring something fun and exciting to the in-store bakery muffin fixture, and Jammie Dodgers and Maryland Cookies are the perfect brands to deliver on that."

The muffins come along with a Maryland's Cookies flavour (
Instagram/ @kevssnackreviews)

In other biscuitty news, McVitie's has brought out its festive collections in time for the holidays.

Retailing at various UK grocery stores from mid-September - including big supermarkets like Tesco, Sainsbury's, ASDA and Morrisons - some of our favourite OG products have been given a seasonal twist.

And, quite frankly, we wish they sold these flavours all year round.

The most exciting new release has to be the Orange and Cranberry Jaffa Cakes (RRP £1.20) which, like the traditional snack, is an "original blend of dark crackly chocolate, light sponge and a smashing orangey centre".

The Jaffa Cakes have had a festive twist (

But this time the chocolatey treat has been enhanced with warming, wintry flavours of cranberry to add an extra special twist.

Also in the Christmas lineup, McVitie's will soon be selling its legendary Milk Chocolate Digestives in two new flavours.

Yep, you'll be able to get a Christmas Pudding flavoured biscuit and a Gingerbread flavoured biscuit for the festive period, and they are sure to put you in a truly festive mood.

Priced at a RRP of £1.50 for a packet, the digestives are perfect to fill up the family biscuit tin when everyone's round for the holiday season.

Happy snacking!

Featured Image Credit: Jammie Dodger/ ASDA

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