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Iceland Is Bringing Back Wall's Funny Feet Ice Creams

Iceland Is Bringing Back Wall's Funny Feet Ice Creams

This is a blast from the past!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

Wall's Funny Feet ice creams were our absolute favourites growing up, and now, Iceland is giving us all a blast from the past by bringing them back decades on.

If you're struggling to remember the nostalgic treats, the strawberry flavoured ice creams - shaped like a foot - were first released back in 1980 and they were so popular.

Iceland is bringing back Wall's Funny Feet ice cream (

And now they are finally making a return, with the frozen lollies hitting Iceland shelves from 14th May - and available online from the 18th May. They'll be priced at £3 per pack of six.

And they're not the only throwback lollies making a return to Iceland. The supermarket has also launched some iconic new flavours - inspired by some classics.

The supermarket has also launched some iconic new flavours (

Joining the original range of Flump, Fruit Salad, Black Jack and Dip Bab lollies - which launched last year - 2021 has brought about new releases of old favourites.

New for this year include Wham Bar, Sherbet Fountain, Nougat and Foam Banana flavours, which are priced at £2 per four 4 pack.

Meanwhile, there's also a selection of other flavours, such as Cola Bottle, Milk Bottle, Strawberry Milkshake and Anglo Bubbly priced at £2 per six pack.

There are other iconic flavours to choose from (

In other ice lolly news, Swizzels is also selling a dreamy ice lolly range at Iceland, based on the flavours of its iconic sweets.

The newest of the lollies are the Drumstick Squashies Bubblegum and Parma Violets flavours, which are available in store now.

The Drumstick lolly is bubblegum flavoured, while the Parma Violets lolly has the same taste as the unique, floral sweets. And both can be bought exclusively in Iceland stores. A pack of four will cost you £2, while two packs will cost £3.

Looks like a trip to Iceland is an essential this summer!

Featured Image Credit: Iceland

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