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Hubba Bubba Gin Is The Sweetest Spirit Around

Hubba Bubba Gin Is The Sweetest Spirit Around

If you have a sweet tooth then this will be your new favourite tipple.

Rachel Andrews

Rachel Andrews

If you're anything like us, you are already counting down the days to the weekend when you can put your feet up and enjoy a well-deserved G&T (or five).

And now, you can taste the delight that is hubba bubba gin. Yep, you will now be able to get your chops around delicious bubblegum-flavoured booze from new spirits brand, Sweet Little Gin.

The drink will bring back all the nostalgia, as the bubblegum liqueur promises to take you back to your childhood. Hopefully you weren't drinking gin at that point.


This spirit is best served with lemonade or tonic with loads of ice, strawberries and mint. If you want to be extra fancy, you can even add a splash into a glass of bubbly for a sweet twist.

You can treat yourself to a bottle from Ginspiration for £22.99, currently on offer from its usual £29.99 price tag.

Sweet Little Gin has plenty of other deliciously nostalgic gins for you to try, including a Jammy Dodger one.


That's right, you can get a bright red gin that tastes just like the biscuity, jam filled treats.

Bottles of this stuff are the same price as the bubblegum gin, but this spirit has notes of fresh strawbs, vanilla and butter.

You can also serve this one with lemonade or tonic water, with lots of fruity strawberries and raspberries.

Keeping in with the biscuity-vibe, there is also custard cream gin from the brand, also £22.99.


This one has a short and sweet finish, and has yummy custard flavours.

Our favourite pick of the bunch has to be the very cherry baked well gin liqueur, that tastes just like the almond goodies.

There's notes of cherry and almond, and like the rest of the gins, it is delicious with a splash of tonic or lemonade.


Just like the rest of gin liqueurs, this one is also on offer, so there is no better time than the present to stock up.

Featured Image Credit: Facebook/Bartons Wine and Spirits/Ginspiration

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