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This Chicken Shredding Hack Is A Game-Changer

This Chicken Shredding Hack Is A Game-Changer

A TikTok account has filmed an ingenious way to shred chicken quickly.

Gregory Robinson

Gregory Robinson

TikTok always has the best and most creative food hacks to make everyday tasks as effortless as they can be.

One particular video posted by @rasiing.wildings_ has gone viral on the app for unveiling a quick and easy way to shred chicken in seconds.

Watch the video below:

How does the hack work you ask? Simply by placing pieces of cooked boneless chicken into a bowl and using an electric whisk to quickly shred the chicken into thin slices.

And the fun doesn't end there - shredded chicken is a great ingredient in salads, burgers, tacos and sandwiches.

People in the comments section were clearly inspired by this method for shredding meat. One person said: "ok that's actually smart."

Another viewer said: "This is life changing!"

While a third shared: "YOU SAVED MY LIFE THANK YOU FOR THIS."

Shredded chicken can be used in lots of different recipes (

"I want to try this soo bad but either my mum will get mad or I'm just [too] scared and break the machine haha," one user joked.

One TikTok user added: "Wait - [you're] telling me... I could've done this the whole time? Instead of just taking an hour to cut it in pieces."

However some people in the comments said they were already aware of the hack.

"My stepmom already knows how to do this," claimed on commenter.

Some TikTok users have been inspired to use an electric whisk to shred chicken (

A second person quipped: "You didn't know that?"

While another viewer said: "I've been doing this forever"

In other news, TikTok user Alan Wood - who posts using the username @alanwood01 - has blessed our timelines with a simple hack showing us the correct way to open a can.

To open the can, Alan uses his finger to lift the tab gently. When the lid pops open slightly, he slides the tab around so the larger rounded end faces the outside of the can. Then he pulls back the lid effortlessly and voila - mission complete.

There's always something new to learn on TikTok.

Featured Image Credit: @raising.wildings_/TikTok

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