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Everyone’s Making Twister Lolly Inspired Cocktails And They’re So Easy To Recreate

Everyone’s Making Twister Lolly Inspired Cocktails And They’re So Easy To Recreate

With their smooth pineapple ice cream, tangy lime ice and sweet strawberry centre, it's no wonder that Twisters rank among Britain's favourite ice lollies.

Now Instagrammers are taking their passion for the stripy snack to a new level with Twister-inspired cocktails - and we are rightfully obsessed.

With their cloud-like consistency and layers of citrus-fresh deliciousness, these cocktails are the perfect hybrid of part-slushy, part-milkshake.


Plus, they're super nostalgic. A bit like those long, hot school summer holidays, but in drink form.

Oh, and given the uncharacteristically hot weather we're experiencing during lockdown, they're the perfect cooling quarantini.


Drinks-themed Insta feed @QuarantiniBar has christened their take on the Twister 'tini as Vodka Twister Slush.

Anyone else salivating right now?

To make the recipe, you will need:

  • 4 Twister lollies
  • 2 shots of vodka
  • 2 cups of ice
  • A NutriBullet or blender


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1. To get the two-tone affect, slice off the green and cream part off the twister with a knife and put into a blender with a cup of ice and a shot of vodka.

2. You should now have the pink middle part of the Twister left. Put this into a blender with a cup of ice and another shot of vodka.

3. Now, add a layer of your cream and green mixture to your glass - it should be a slushy consistency.


4. Then, add your pink mixture, before alternating with the green.

5. Finally, give your cocktail a gentle swirl with a spoon and garnish with a whole Twister for visual impact.

Elsewhere in the world of Twister cocktails, Insta user @wannabefitdad recommends whizzing up the Walls Ice Cream classic lolly with a splash of lemonade and a kick of Malibu rum.

"Goes down too easy and is probably 3000 calories but who cares?!" he commented, sharing a video of himself blitzing up the heavenly-looking mixture.

Mmm. Amen to that.

And if you need further lolly cocktail inspo, just check out this stripy lot.

Twister cocktails: a great way to start the bank holiday off with a twist. Enjoy!

Featured Image Credit: Instagram / @quarantinibar

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