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People Can't Agree On How Long You Should Wait Before Eating Free Restaurant Bread

People Can't Agree On How Long You Should Wait Before Eating Free Restaurant Bread

Wait, is it tacky if I dive straight for a roll?

Charlotte Forrester

Charlotte Forrester

We didn't realise this is a topic that people would be so passionate about, but apparently there are some strong opinions on how long you should wait before eating the free bread at a restaurant.

You've probably been in the situation where you're having dinner and a waiter brings over a breadbasket for you. But do you wait before grabbing a roll?

One Twitter user posted a poll with the question "had this argument in a gc but i wanna know the truth. Isn't it very tacky for somebody to eat the free bread as soon as you get it?"

At the end of the twenty-four hours, the answer to the poll had a whopping 368,744 votes and the results are in.

Over 300,000 people participated in this online poll about when you can reach for the breadbasket (

A huge 97.3 per cent answered "no" while only 2.7 per cent said "yes".

The original poll poster replied: "You should wait five minutes before reaching for the bread. if you're that hungry you should've had a pregame meal."

People had some strong opinions they wanted to share (

They then followed this up with an image reading the following: "Good Morning, after witnessing the outpour of responses to my question & having the ability to sleep on it, I have gained a new perspective on why the backlash was received.

"People can not help being tacky. It is generational. I know this now. I never knew an opinion on waiting 5 minutes to eat bread would lead to people cussing me out, but what else to expect from taky people. The essentials weren't taught.

"To my 3%... thank you for riding so hard against the tackiness! We understand that restaurants for socializing, fast-food are for eating ASAP."

The original poster followed up with this tongue-in-cheek message (

The replies were fiery though. One person replied: "She's gonna be staring at an empty bread basket if she's waiting five minutes".

"Yes Ma'am, it is VERY tacky for someone to eat warm and fresh bread as soon as they get it. They should eat cold bread and break their teeth on it. Amen", posted someone else.

Twitter users weren't impressed with being labelled as tacky (

"If I'm on a date I'll wait, honestly, you look like you've never had a meal before if you just jump on it asap but if I'm with family or friends I'm getting at it as soon as it hits the table", said another Twitter user.

Guess a lot of people will proudly be tacky, as long as they don't end up with a cold, crusty bap.

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