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​Lidl Is Now Selling A Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

​Lidl Is Now Selling A Heart Shaped Waffle Maker

Does feeding ourselves waffles count as self love for Valentine's Day? We think so.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

Just when you were groaning at the thought of another holiday that forces you to splash cash to show your affection, or yet another one spent alone, Lidl has only gone and made Valentine's Day fabulous for all.

The supermarket has launched a love heart waffle maker, meaning we can all focus predominantly on food this romantic holiday - and we're totally fine with that, right?

Whether you're in a loved up partnership and you want to impress without splashing too much cash, or you're flying solo and you just love waffles - this will surely bring so much joy to all.

Yes, the heart shape may be a reminder that Valentine's Day is looming, but to be honest it reminds us mostly of our pure and limitless love for food. And when it comes to food, you can't get much better than waffles, can you?

You can pile them hight with fruit, chocolate, whipped cream or even bacon and even maple syrup, if you want to go all American on us.

The waffle maker is £11.99 and available in store at Lidl (

Even better, you can make up to five heart-shaped waffles at once, so you can really go wild and treat yourself to all of them, or share with a loved one (we'd totally have three in that case - sharing food equally isn't our strong point).

The handy gadget comes in at £11.99, and will ensure you're guaranteed a slap up breakfast on Valentine's weekend.

Just think of the endless toppings you can try out on your waffle (

Of course, the waffle make is perfect if you have a significant other, too. You can make your other half a thoughtful brunch and avoid those rammed restaurants and overpriced set menus come the 14th.

It'll then live on well after the holiday is over - just think of all those weekends in future you can enjoy delicious waffles.

You can find them in Lidl stores now - so grab one and eat waffles until your heart's content.

Featured Image Credit: Pxhere

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