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People Are Just Finding Out What These Haribo Sweets Are Meant To Be

People Are Just Finding Out What These Haribo Sweets Are Meant To Be

How could you not know?

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Sometimes, things may appear so obvious, that you take it for granted that it's not actually common knowledge.

So imagine our shock when we discovered that some people have been left in the dark about the iconic Haribo sweets.

Watch the video on dummy Haribo sweets below.

The small jelly sweets, often found in the Tangfastic packets, were being mistaken by some to be the most random assortment of objects - and we are shook.

The debate was aroused on the Facebook group titled 'Family Lockdown Tips and Ideas', in which one woman shared a picture of the dummy sweet and asked people to 'settle a debate' between herself and her husband.

The 'dummy' Haribo sweet has been mistaken for several other objects (
Facebook - family lockdown hints and tips)

"I thought they were keys?" one person wrote, with a confused emoji, while another added: "I always thought it was a key?"

Another clueless commenter chipped in: "Growing up I always thought it was the spaceship on button moon."

And to be fair to them, it's easy to be mistaken for something else, as you have to construct the dummy for it to actually be useable.

Many thought the sweet was a key (

One person in the Facebook group posted a handy link to a TikTok video to explain why the dummies don't immediately look like dummies to the untrained eye.

The video posted user @miaroserussell1 explained: "Ever wondered why Haribo dummies don't look like dummies?"

Opening a pack of Tangfastics, she then wraps and pushes the small yellow strip through the round red ring until it's tight.

There's a way to turn the dummy into a more recognisable dummy (

Now resembling a dummy, the TikTokker then put the dummy in her mouth, captioning it 'mindblown'.

Another person helpfully pointed out that Haribo themselves call the oddly shaped sweets 'dummies', as they sell them in individual packs.

Every day's a school day...

One TikTokker showed how to make a dummy from Haribo (
TikTok - miaroserussell1)

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Featured Image Credit: Facebook/TikTok

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