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Debenhams Is Selling A Gordon's Pink Gin Advent Calendar For Christmas

Debenhams Is Selling A Gordon's Pink Gin Advent Calendar For Christmas

What a treat in the lead up to festivities.

Lauren Bell

Lauren Bell

If you're a big fan of the tickled pink berry version of Gordon's gin, you're going to love this new boozy advent calendar available at Debenhams.

The Gordon's advent sounds like the answer to the perfect Christmas countdown, with both chocolate and booze inside. Dream.

Behind 23 doors you'll find pink gin-inspired chocolate pieces, filled with strawberry fondant.

This calendar is exclusive to Debenhams, but you'll only find it in store as it's sold out online.(

But, after opening the very last door on Christmas Eve, you will be able to snuggle up in front of the fire and enjoy a double miniature pink gin (5cl), that naturally you will have poured over a cold tonic and cubes of ice. What a way to see in Christmas.

Although admittedly at first we were a little bit disappointed there wasn't a berry-flavoured gin behind every door, on reflection maybe it's best not to encourage ourselves to drink every single day in the build up to Christmas.The month is already boozy enough without added encouragement.

The calendar will set you back £13 and you can buy it from Debenhams. It is currently sold out online, but the store has confirmed it's still available in stores across the UK.

This version at B&M is just £4.99. (

And don't sweat it, because if Debenhams run out, you can head over to B&M and you'll find an alternative pink gin calendar for just £4.99! Again, you cannot get this online, but if you head into your local store you're bound to find one.

The chocolates aren't strawberry flavoured, mind, but for under a fiver we'll accept plain milk chocolate squares - as long as we get the gin at the end.

You could spend your pennies on a single bottle of pink gin instead and you'll get more booze for your buck. (

Of course, if you're not too bothered about the chocolate full stop, you could buy yourself a full 70cl bottle of the fruity ginned ditch the countdown.

It is normally £16.50 for the full bottle, but if you're quick you'll find it for £13 on offer at Asda - the same price as the cost of the calendar at Debenhams and you'll get 14 double gins or 28 single gins for the price.

Christmas is looking like it's going to be very merry indeed...

Featured Image Credit: Gordon's

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