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You Can Now Get Gingerbread Maltesers For Christmas

You Can Now Get Gingerbread Maltesers For Christmas

Who doesn't love a good Malteser? The crispy, airy balls wrapped in delicious chocolate have been a confectionary staple for as long as we can remember. And now, they've been given a festive update.

Gingerbread Maltesers, anyone?

Yes, just in time for Christmas, the treats have been added given a gingery twist.

Like your normal Maltesers but with a gingerbread twist (Credit: Maltesers)
Like your normal Maltesers but with a gingerbread twist (Credit: Maltesers)

Rare chocolate aficionados, NewFoodsUK, shared an image of the treats on their Instagram page, and - getting their hands on a sample - described the flavour to fans.

"These are perfect, the chocolate is gingerbread flavoured, with the classic malt filling, these are so tasty! What more could you want at Christmas time!! Perfect!," it said.

In the comments, the reaction to the new flavour was one of excitement.

"I bet these are insane as the Australian raspberry's malteasers are banging," wrote one 'Teaser fan.

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"Omg life made," said another.

"OMG we need to go to Australia!," said a third.

No need, because we've found a source that can get the treats imported to the UK.


GB Gifts are stocking the Gingerbread Maltesers, which are available to preorder from Sunday 1st December.

But if you're desperate to try them before any of your friends, they'll cost you: the Maltesers are priced at £14.99 for a 465g bucket.

You have to admit these would make the perfect Christmas gift for a Malteser lover, hefty pricetag or not.

Featured Image Credit: Maltesers

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