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​Gin Filled Baubles Exist And They’re The Ultimate Christmas Decoration

​Gin Filled Baubles Exist And They’re The Ultimate Christmas Decoration

The Lakes Distillery are now selling gift sets of gin filled baubles and they look like the perfect way to get merry this Christmas.

Mark Cunliffe

Mark Cunliffe

You can now buy Christmas baubles filled with gin and we already can't wait to scrap the tinsel and cover our tree in these alcoholic decorations.

Everyone knows that decorating the tree and enjoying a little tipple go hand-in-hand so these gin baubles sound perfectly festive.

The decorations are sold in packs of six for just £29.95 and contain gin from The Lakes Distillery.

The Lakes Distillery

The baubles each contain a double measure of gin (50ml), because it is the season to be merry after all.

Each gift set contain three different types of gin, including: The Lakes Gin, The Lakes Sloe Gin- which has notes of strawberry jam, orange citrus and juniper- and The Lakes Damson Gin which is made using cherries, berries and plums.

You can also purchase single baubles, which are slightly bigger with 200ml of gin for £19.95 if you want a variety of different sized baubles on your tree.

The Lakes Distillery

If you think the baubles couldn't get any better they are made from a specially-treated plastic, so the taste of the spirit isn't affected and they won't shatter if your pet decides to knock them off your tree.

B&M Bargains has also launched a gin advent calendar for the lead up to Christmas, and it looks like the perfect festive treat.

The calendar has 12 tempting doors, and there is a mini bottle of gin hidden behind each one.

Priced at just £29.99 a pop, it's also great value for money, as you only pay £2.50 for each mini 50ml bottle of the juniper-based spirit.

The packaging gives you a boozier version of 'The Twelve Days Of Christmas' for you to sing along to, while you sip your G&T. Spoiler - you'll be getting gin on each day rather than a partridge in a pear tree.

B&M hasn't given away much information about which gins will be behind the doors, but the retailer has confirmed there will be a mini bottle of Bombay Sapphire in there so it is looking promising.

Featured Image Credit: The Lakes Distillery

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