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Orange Flavour Galaxy Bars Are Now Available In The UK

Orange Flavour Galaxy Bars Are Now Available In The UK

Brb, buying 100 bars.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Orange-infused chocolate is the flavour du jour, with a variety of chocolatiers bringing sharp, citrus notes to creamy choc.

And now it seems we have found the most a-peel-ing bar in the shape of the delightfully indulgent Galaxy Smooth Orange.

Our favourite smooth and rich Galaxy chocolate has been combined with intense orange flavour, which has been especially developed by the Mars Wrigley team to perfectly compliment the taste of classic Galaxy.

Galaxy chocolate now comes in orange flavour (

Silky, smooth and with a gorgeously lingering aftertaste, Galaxy Smooth Orange is set to become our firm favourite chocolate bar.

We're drooling just thinking about it!

Ellyse O'Connor, Galaxy Senior Brand manager, said of the new treat: "Galaxy Smooth Orange is kind of a big peel and I encourage Brits to squeeze the day, give their peel of approval, and treat themselves to a Galaxy Smooth Orange chocolate bar next time they're in the shops!

"Thankfully, Galaxy Smooth Orange is infinitely more palatable than these terrible puns!"

The new chocolate boasts a sharp citrus flavour (

Galaxy Smooth Orange is available in two different sizes, either as a single bar, which could set you back around 66p, or a large block ideal for sharing (or for a bigger treat) at £1.39.

The new choc is dropping in stores this week, so keep your eyes peeled (another orange pun, sorry) next time you're on a snack run.

In other chocolate news, PG Tips has actually launched a limited edition chocolate teapot. It might not be practical, but it sure looks delicious.

PG Tips is selling an actual chocolate teapot for Easter (
PG Tips)

Taking its first steps into confectionary, the iconic tea brand has released the chocolate teapot just in time for Easter.

The tea pot is encased in a biodegradable branded box, and is made from the finest artisanal milk chocolate and accompanied with 40 PG tips tea bags.

We're going to grab it for a true tea lover this Easter (ourselves).

Featured Image Credit: Mars/Shutterstock

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