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Fry-Boards Are The New Cheeseboards And Now We're Hungry

Fry-Boards Are The New Cheeseboards And Now We're Hungry

Because cheese boards are SO 2019...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Move over cheese boards, there's a new party spread in town and it is taking the world by storm.

Introducing the fry-board: aka a tray of hot chips in every shape and variety under the sun, with copious dips for dunking, too.

Piled high with potato-ey goodness, the fry-board really does sound like a chip lover's dream, giving the creator the opportunity to mix a selection of tater tots, sweet potato, curly, french, crinkle cut, wedge and lattice fries in whatever combination they desire.

Its up to you what sauces you go for, too, with selections often including the classics, like tomato ketchup and mayo, as well as a whole array more delicious choices; like aioli, guacamole and sweet chilli, ranch, queso, honey mustard and sriracha. Yum.

The fry-board first burst onto the scene in Australia after Instagram influencer Sarah Gim, founder of The Delicious, begun sharing a string of mouthwatering versions on her feed, mixing up the boards every 'Fry-day' to celebrate the end of the week.

And the carb party has since been replicated by hundreds of foodies online, including food blog @Cara_melized and @Thrillrideent, who have gone on to share their own versions of the delicious snack.

"HEAVEN," wrote one chip fanatic as they came across the tasty idea online, while another gushed: "Love comes in all shapes and sizes".

A third wrote: "Speechless. Want to face plant".

As a fourth agreed: "This is one of the best things I've ever seen. DROOL!".

But what about the chips going cold?

Sure, if you're anything like us they'll likely be gone before this ever becomes a problem...but what if you're using them as a party snack?

Well, when quizzed on her feed, Sarah Gim was on hand with the answers. Replying to one fry fan, she said that the trick is to serve the chips on a hot baking sheet rather than on a wooden board.

She advised: "If you're making oven-fried fries, serve on the sheet you used to cook them, otherwise if you're deep frying, you can just warm a metal baking sheet and serve on there after frying!".

We're so on board with this new food trend. Fry party, anyone?

Featured Image Credit: Instagram: The Delcious/ Caramelized

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