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Pets At Home Is Selling Easter Eggs For Dogs

Pets At Home Is Selling Easter Eggs For Dogs

This is not an April Fool’s prank, we promise.

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Easter is just round the corner, and if you're anything like us you're looking forward to attacking the pile of Easter eggs that you've amassed in the corner of your living room.

But spare a thought for our pets and furry friends this season, who don't typically get any Easter treats this time of year (and you should definitely NOT, under ANY circumstances be feeding them your chocolates, as they can be highly toxic to cats and dogs - and could potentially kill them).

Avoid puppy-dog eyes this Easter (

However, Pets at Home are set to change that, with the retailer selling healthy (and pet appropriate!) Easter eggs for our fur-babies - for a surprisingly bargain price.

Our beloved pet pooches can now tuck into a delicious (for them, at least) carob Easter egg for just £3.

Dogs will love these pet-friendly Easter eggs (
Pets at Home)

Or, if you've got a big dog (or a dog with a very big appetite), they can chow down on a peanut butter flavour carob egg instead, coming in at £6.

If you fancy giving your pet pup an egg and a treat for later on in the day, Pets at Home are also offering up a carob egg alongside a peanut butter treat bar for later in the day for £4.

Your dog will be thrilled with his Easter treats! (
Pets at Home)

Even the smallest of pups are catered for, with tiny dogs being offered a smaller carob egg for just £2.

And it's not just our canine companions that are being offered a little treat this Easter. Cats can also be spoilt rotten, with a yoghurt and catnip flavoured Easter egg to tickle their fancy for only £2.

Cats can also have a little treat this Easter (
Pets at Home)

Rabbits, hamsters and other smaller pets can get in on the act too with the dandelion leaf flavoured egg, again just £2.

Each egg is carefully hand-wrapped and is certain to bring a smile to your pet's face over the bank holiday weekend.

The Easter bunny should also get their own Easter egg (
Pets at Home)

As mentioned before, you should never give any of your chocolate goodies to your cats or dogs.

Chocolate contains theobromine, which humans can easily metabolise, but dogs really struggle to digest, allowing it to build up to toxic levels which can be really harmful.

Dogs cannot and should not have any chocolate (

Large amounts of theobromine can produce vomiting and diarrhoea, muscle tremors, seizures, an irregular heartbeat, internal bleeding or a heart attack.

Less than an ounce of dark chocolate can cause hugely harmful effects on a dog - if you think your pet may have consumed chocolate, call a vet immediately.

Featured Image Credit: Unsplash/Pets At Home

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