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Domino's Launches New Beef Doner Pizza

Domino's Launches New Beef Doner Pizza

This sounds…interesting?

Kimberley Bond

Kimberley Bond

Lockdown has denied us of our regular nights out - and in doing so, has stopped us ending a big one down the pub with a greasy kebab.

But while it may still be some time until we can have a cheeky knees-up in our local, Domino's is still giving us the "night out" experience...sort of.

The takeaway pizza chain have announced they are launching their very own Beef Doner Pizza, so we can still enjoy our 3am treat (only at a far more reasonable time) from the comfort of our own sofas.

The new pizza features kebab meat (

Made up of Domino's signature fresh dough, vine-ripened tomato sauce and fresh mozzarella cheese, the new pizza is topped off with succulent beef doner slices, chopped tomatoes and crunchy red onions. To give the kebab-pizza hybrid an extra kick, the meal is topped with a generous drizzle of Frank's Red Hot sauce.

It's making us feel as if we've gone out for a big one already!

Lockdown has seen us miss our kebabs (

Lauding their new creation, Domino's Director of all things Doner, Josh Engleman said: "We all miss tucking into our favourite post-night-out treat but whilst we're all hunkering down in the wintery evenings, you can always trust Domino's to deliver the party spirit with our delicious new pizza.

"A kebab is a thing of beauty, as is a Domino's pizza so combining the two makes perfect sense. Frank's RedHot drizzle will provide the heat, but no kebab is complete without a bit of garlic sauce. Thankfully, we have the perfect answer in the form of our famous Garlic & Herb dip. A marriage made in heaven."

The doner has a fiery kick to it (

This isn't the first time that Dominos has dabbled with some unusual flavour combinations on their pizzas.

The brand have previously released their own take on a cheeseburger pizza, with the mash-up consisting of double ground beef, fresh tomato, onions, gherkins and topped with their very own secret ingredient burger sauce.

Featured Image Credit: Domino's

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