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 It Turns Out Chocolate Digestives Can Stop You Farting

It Turns Out Chocolate Digestives Can Stop You Farting

Does this mean they're healthy-ish?!

Lucy Devine

Lucy Devine

We always thought choccie digestives were pretty bad for our health, thanks to the buttery biscuit and mouthwatering milk chocolate topping. But it seems they might have some health benefits after all.

According to a new book - The Biscuit: The History Of A Very British Indulgence by Lizzie Collingham - digestives can actually reduce how often you break wind!

According to the book, which was released today, McVitie's actually invented the digestive back in the 19th century to help with flatulence issues and disordered stomachs.

According to a new book, McVitie's actually invented the digestive to help with flatulence (

Tyla has reached out to McVitie's to clarify this and for more information, FYI. However, in an interview with The Great British Bake Off in 2014, McVitie's factory manager, Peter Senior pretty much confirmed this was the case.

"Literally the name digestive comes from 'reduction of flatulence'", he said, adding that it's "still very much true today".

Peter was tight lipped on the "top secret" recipe, but we know it contained wholewheat and baking soda. Why have we never wondered where the name 'digestive' comes from before?!

You can watch a clip of Peter chatting about the biscuits below:

Added to this, Post Doctoral Researcher for Food Science and Nutrition, Dr Michael Houghton told The Voice of London that some of the ingredients in the biccies can aid our digestion.

"They do contain small amounts of fibre, which aids digestion, but to follow recommendations to increase our intake of dietary fibre there are definitely better sources," he said.

"Wholegrain cereals also contain a compound called ferulic acid, which we have shown recently in our lab to exert small but beneficial effects against diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

We'll never feel guilty for eating a whole pack again (

"Unfortunately, the sugar and fat outweigh any benefit that might come from any whole grain that goes into the biscuits."

We'll never feel shame for eating a whole pack of biccies to ourselves again...

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