​Everyone's Making DIY Pumpkin Spice Lattes


​Everyone's Making DIY Pumpkin Spice Lattes

Getting our caffeine fix during this second lockdown is now A LOT easier thanks to the revelation that we can make our favourite festive drink at home.

Yup, people have been sharing their own versions of Starbucks' popular pumpkin spice latte on social media and this is the news we need to hear as we're all stuck at home during lockdown 2.0.

Fans all over the world have been making their own delicious versions of this autumnal classic at home, adding their own twists to the festive drink, and they all look incredible tbh.


While some have adorned their PSL's with cinnamon sticks, lots of whipped cream and chocolate on top, others have gone for a simpler pumpkin spice latte that looks just as delicious.


And one fan has taken theirs up a notch, by making it boozy. We definitely approve of this!

Let's be honest, this one doesn't even look at all homemade:


For those of us wanting to give this festive drink a try in the comfort of our own homes, This Morning's celebrity chef Phil Vickery has the recipe.

The yummy-sounding drink serves four and only takes around 10 minutes to make. Sure, it's longer than sitting there watching a barista make it, but this way you get to learn a new skill too!

Here's how to make your own pumpkin spice latte:



*1 x 425g can pumpkin puree

*600ml boiling water

*2-3 tbsp coffee granules, need to be strong, but really up to personal taste

*3-4 tbsp soft brown sugar or maple syrup, or a mix of both, again up to personal taste


*2 level tsp ground mixed spice

*400ml semi skimmed milk

*1 level tsp ground cinnamon

*2 tbsp fudge pieces

*whipped cream, optional

Celebrity chef Phil Vickery has created a recipe to make your own pumpkin spice latte at home (Credit: Phil Vickery)
Celebrity chef Phil Vickery has created a recipe to make your own pumpkin spice latte at home (Credit: Phil Vickery)


1. Spoon the pumpkin puree into a large plastic or glass bowl and whisk to break up, then pop into the microwave and warm through for a minute or so. It doesn't need to be boiling hot, then keep warm.

2. Next, pour the boiling water over the coffee and dissolve, then add the sugar and spice and mix well.

3. Here's the clever bit. Pour 200ml of the milk into a jam jar and screw the lid on well. Vigorously shake the jar for 30-45 seconds until it foams up. Remove the lid and then using a microwave set to 600 watt, heat the jar for between 15-20 seconds. Keep an eye, you can watch the foam rise to the top of the jar.

4. Open the door, remove the jar and gently fold the foam and liquid together.

5. Pour the hot pumpkin and coffee mix into tall glasses, leaving 2-3cm at the top.

6. Spoon the jam jar milk evenly between two of the filled glasses right to the top.

7. Repeat the process with the remaining milk and spoon over the last two glasses.

8. Dust with cinnamon and add a few fudge pieces. Whipped cream is an optional extra.

9. Serve.

Find the full recipe here. We'll certainly be giving this one a try!

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