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Everyone's Making Dessert Burgers And They Look Mouthwatering

Everyone's Making Dessert Burgers And They Look Mouthwatering

Sweet tooths have really had a chance to shine this lockdown.

We've seen lovers of sugar creating the most decadent sweet bakes during isolation, from whipped Nutella drinks to Biscoff fudge. But now, we think we may have just discovered the most indulgent of them all: the dessert burger.


Much like your average savoury burger, the sweet alternatives involve a patty, toppings and sauce sandwiched between two buns.

However, instead of meat, cheese, lettuce and ketchup, dessert burgers see all manner of sweet desserts stuffed between two sweet buns, which can be interchangeable between brioche, waffles, scones and doughnuts.

As for the fillings, think ice cream, brownies, fruit and crumbled cookies - there's really no one way to do it.


Over on Instagram, there's some serious dessert-burger -based food porn going on.

We've seen incredible creations, such as a toasted marshmallow and Nutella burger; a sandwich with a waffle patty and topped with strawberries and chocolate; and even a Biscoff burger with the biscuit brand's famous sauce drizzled over ice cream and sliced banana, sandwiched between two cookies.

Really, the possibilities are endless. Just look...

To make your own, it's really as simple as building a burger, but doesn't require slaving over a barbecue.

Simple pick your 'bun' (this can be brioche, waffles or whatever sweet dough takes your fancy) and begin layering your favourite dessert treats, thinking about what will act as your patty (i.e. the main event), your toppings and your sauce.

We love the idea of sandwiching a brownie between some brioche buns and topping with ice cream, fresh fruit and chocolate sauce.

Saucers Cafe, an independent dessert shop in Canada, has shared the recipe for its stunning cookie dough patty creation (as seen above) with Tyla.

First, they make some raw chocolate cookie dough (you can make this using any chocolate cookie recipe online - just skip the baking step), and place it on a doughnut bun base.

Next, spread some cream cheese icing on top, adding strawberries and bananas and then smothering it with black cherry sauce.

Finally, add your second doughnut on top to close the burger and cover the whole thing in melted milk chocolate.

Anyone else's mouth watering right about now?

Featured Image Credit: @saucerscafe/Instagram

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