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Cadbury Is Launching A Dairy Milk Winter Mint Crisp Bar For Christmas

Cadbury Is Launching A Dairy Milk Winter Mint Crisp Bar For Christmas

It's a Christmas miracle...

Joanna Freedman

Joanna Freedman

Cadbury has launched Dairy Milk Winter Mint Crisp chocolate bar and it sounds like an absolute dream.

Very few flavours go as perfectly together as mint and chocolate...they're an age old combo.

So we were delighted when we heard about Cadbury's limited edition product, which is part of its Christmas range.

Filled with festive mint flakes and coated in 360g of the trademark milk chocolate, the bar is is available exclusively in Tesco stores over the holiday period, and its selling for a RRP of £3.99.

The minty Dairy Milk bar is a Christmas addition (

And Cadbury promises it will bring a "Christmas winter wonderland to you, taking your taste buds by storm". Yum.

The new chocolate bar joins a whole range of new goodies, including Dairy Milk Jingly Bells - a brand new product for this year which see individually-wrapped balls of the brand's signature milk chocolate filled with creme centres.

The Jingly Bells have been launched in two hazelnutty varieties. There's Chocolate Noisette, which sees the balls filled with milk chocolate combined with hazelnut paste, and Hazelnut Creme, which is pure hazelnut filling.

The Jingly Bells are retailing for £1.49 (

Bags of the balls retail at £1.49 and Chocolate Noisette can be purchased on Cadbury Gifts now, with a bumper box of 16 bags going for £23.84.

Cadbury has revealed to Tyla that they will be rolling out in stores nationwide in September.

"These new limited-edition Cadbury Dairy Milk Jingly Bells are deliciously creamy and perfect for a treat for yourself as well as in stockings this Christmas," says a representative of the brand.

"Available in two yummy flavours, they're also great for turning your festive bakes into a seasonal showstopper."

Keep the chocolatey goodness coming!

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